Monday, May 27, 2013

Arriving At MTC

Return with Honor!

Arriving To Salt Lake City

Arriving in SLC
Existing SLC Airport to Provo
The Last Supper at BYU in Provo
Grandma, Elder Weaver, Grandpa
Picture with Cousins
Picture with Family

The Call Letter

Mission President J. Araujo Bezerra

President & Sister J. Araujo Bezerra and Zelia Bezerra

J. Araujo Bezerra and Zelia Bezerra, two children, (Brazil Vitoria Mission); Jardim America Ward, Fortaleza Brazil Montese Stake.  President Bezerra is a former counselor in the Brazil Fortaleza Mission, stake president, counselor in a stake presidency, counselor in a stake Young Men presidency, bishop, and counselor in a bishopric.  Manager, Physical Facilities, Corporation of the Presiding Bishop.  Born in Arneiroz, Brazil, to Francisco Lido and Maria Araujo Bezerra.  Sister Bezerra is a former stake Relief Society president, stake Young Women president, stake Young Women camp director, institute teacher, and seminary teacher.  Born in Carins, Brazil, to Raimundo Holanda Sobrinho and Francisca Valgisa Guerra Holanda.