Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Week Was Splendid

September 23, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was splendid!

Christy - We had a marvelous member-present lesson with our investigator Christy. Sister Johnson showed up and briefly shared her testimony with her. She also invited Christy over for dinner sometime this week with us and we could have a lesson taught in their home. Mario and Christy both loved the idea, but they're working to get a night of work where they can take their whole family! They didn't make it to church because Christy was watching her nephew and had to return him to Wichita on Sunday.

Richard - had been showing waning interest. So, Elder Evans and I brought him back to his original question of which Church has the authority to baptize, and he agreed to read The Book of Mormon this week and watch General Conference in the coming weeks.

Ruth - We taught lesson 1 to Ruth, one of our new investigators, and we all felt the Spirit so strongly. She expresses some trepidation over coming to Church because her husband is a staunch Catholic, but she said that she would most definitely read and pray about The Book of Mormon! She was also interested in modern prophets.

Brenda - is a potential investigator we had referred to us by a former member of ward who has recently moved. Brenda is a nurse and works almost every day, but she agreed to receive missionary lessons this week. We stopped by to visit her and just gave her an overview of what we would teach because she was curious as to what to expect. We left her with pamphlets for lessons 1 and 2 and a Book of Mormon. Hopefully we can teach her this week.

I Love Being a Missionary! I am so lost, I know exactly who I am! :)

Te Amo!

Elder Weaver

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