Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remembering Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Yay! I am glad to remember them, too. Oh. My son was supposed to send my blue sandals...just forget about it if you don't get them. They should be in one of the boxes I sent home. Thank you for everything.

That's great you're learning Spanish! You can speak with Elder Cervantes and Elder Quiroz when they come to visit me! I will probably be able to understand everything, I just won't be able to respond.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Go, Team Allison! I can so picture her doing that!!! Haha. Oh, that's rich! Those suckers in the salon didn't even see it coming!
Toma! Receba, Irmã Allison!

I am glad to hear about the new families and also new callings. I am also thrilled to hear about Jessica Pukahi serving a mission. She will bring the world His truth! :)

So, this week was transfers...and shocker...no one in our District was transferred! I thought for sure half of the District would be. Elder Rodrigues said that only 3 people in the Vitória (ours) Zone were transferred! Vitória is the largest zone in the mission, too! This will be my 5th transfer in this area. The stories being spun about me are legendary. People refer to me as this old Bilbo Baggins sage guy because I've been in the same area for about 6 months now. Haha! I still don't know my way around, but it's getting better. I Love my companion so much and I am so glad that our house family is staying the same. This would probably be a lot harder if they weren't here.

We found a sweet family yesterday consisting of a Mom, Dad, 2 girls and a boy. Just like us. :) I hope to baptize the heck out of them. They live with a bunch of others, too!


Elder Weaver

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You Are Doing A Great Work

May 19, 2014

Presidents Weekly Letter

Essa semana nós tivemos Geo, a mãe dele, e Clayton na Igreja. Vamos fazer nosso melhor para batizar eles essa última semana da transferência. Também vamos convidar Cicero, Ubiratan, e Andréia para  a Igreja.
Also, Elders Nielsen and Eliseu had a sweet baptism this Saturday, Arací. An older lady. They have been working with her for about 3 months now.

(Google Translation)

This week we had Geo, his mother, and Clayton at church. We will do our best to baptize them this last week of the transfer. We will also invite Cicero, Ubiratan, Andreia to church.  Also, Elders Nielsen and Eliseu had a sweet baptism this past Saturday, Arací, an older lady. They have been working with her for about 3 months now.

Elder Weaver

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for thinking of me. :) I Love All Of You! You are doing a great work with your young women. I read something interesting in my personal study today in the Ensign (one that you gave me ;)). President Brigham Young said something to the effect that his biggest fear for the saints was their own pride. He said how they would withstand persecution, trial, and poverty, but he was worried if they could stand wealth. Meaning if they would remember the Lord when they didn't HAVE to or weren't, brought to remember Him through Adversity. It is right for you to teach them these things...especially when they are young. Before they HAVE to learn these things. Accountability doesn't go away with the ages. And the older you get the more responsibility you are blessed with. One day, if not one day soon, they will remember your example. One of the greatest forms of integrity is when you can be accountable to yourself. Brother Rosemore from the MTC once said something I will never forget. He said something to the effect of, "I imagine that God doesn't have anyone telling Him what to do. He just knows the laws by which He must abide, and He abides by them." It is a simple doctrine, and yet profound.

That is right. I had to climb many mountains before I could arrive in the lowlands of Kansas. And hills were also preparatory to the shores of Vitória.

Yes! Thanks for reminding me. If it is not too much trouble please send:
  1. My blue sandals from Kansas (I believe my son sent them home to you? I sure hope so.)
  2. Cinnamon Bears
  3. Mint Oreos
  4. North Face Rain Jacket (unless Dad felt another would be better)
  5.  Don't feel like you need to get one, but if you send another belt please send the clicky kind you got for me from CTR clothing :)

 Thanks so much!!!

I've been trying to focus more on the Atonement and the Sacrament each week, too. The Church is still true here, but...hahaha it's very different. It's nice to have one meeting a week be filled with reverence isn't it? Sometimes we don't appreciate it. I Love the Hymns. They help me centralize my thoughts.

With Love,

From the Hundred Acre Woods,
Winnie The Pooh
And Tigger, Too!

Elder Weaver :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

This Week Was A Lot Of Good!

May 12, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Report:
Esta semana foi muita boa! Nós encontramos Lilian e Edivaldo (casados legalmente) e eles têm desejo a orar e saber que José Smith foi um profeta. Vamos encontrar novas pessoas a batizar e continuar no trabalho do Senhor! 

(Google Translation)

This week was a lot of good! We found Lilian and Edivaldo (legally married) and they have the desire to pray and know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. Let's find new people to baptize and continue the Lord's work!

Happy Late Mother's Day! Every day is Mother's Day! I'm sorry I didn't wish You, Nani, Cathy, and Allison a Happy Mother's Day. I think I forgot that in the rush of it all. I hope you can forgive me. Sorry this email is a little bit shorter, but I'll try and spend some time doing pictures ;)

It was so wonderful to see all of you over Skype, and I wrote down what Nani told me in my journal because I want it to last forever.

Moving forward is the point, isn't it? I think I'll study that talk from Elder Oaks. That may have been one of the ones I missed.

I Love You All!

Keep The Covenants, I Know You Will,

Elder Weaver

Our District
Elder M. Silva, Elder Weaver, Elder Strebe,
Elder Nielsen, Elder ?, Elder Gozetto
The Heavens Gather Blackness...
Elder Pinagotte from the MTC!!!
He's in my Zone Now!
Elder Nielsen...he's trying to improve his posture.
The Group at Wiliane's Baptism
Elder Weaver, Wiliane, Elder M. Silva

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I Got To Baptize Wiliane!

May 5, 2014

Família & Friends,

The Mission President Report:

Wiliane foi batizada esta semana! Ela foi muito preparada. A ala apoia ela muito, especialmente os missionários da ala e a presidenta das moças. Vamos continuar ensinar os primos dela e encontrar novas pessoas a batizar em nossa nova bairro "Praia de Carapebus". Obrigado por tudo!

(Google Translation)

Wiliane was baptized this week! She was very prepared. The ward supports it too, especially the ward missionaries and the president of the girls. We will continue to teach her ​​cousins ​​and find new people to baptize in our new neighborhood "Beach Carapebus". Thanks for everything!

Okay, Presidente Araújo told me that he has not authorized Google Hangout, sadly :( Desculpa! He has only authorized Skype. So please use Dad's Skype "kc7mjk" because this is the one I will call. But if there's a problem, it might not be a bad idea to log on to Allison's Skype so I can call her as backup. What we can do is I'll call you on Skype on Dad's iPad or a computer or something and you can call Ashley on Google Hangout on another computer and have us face each other so you can talk to both of us at the same time! I'm sorry, I know this is really techy but if you need help, I'm sure Allison can help you guys out! :) I will be calling at around 4 o clock in the afternoon, Sunday, The 11th of May, Mother's Day :), Serra time. If this changes, I will have a member email you to notify you at kdaaab@gmail.com. I'm sorry we couldn't do it the way you guys wanted, but I Love You, and I'm just glad I can talk to you!

As you read above, I got to baptize Wiliane! That was a neat experience, and I will give you all of the details on Mother's Day. My investigator, Nadir, said, the other day, "What is this?! Every day is Mother's Day, isn't it?!?!?!" Hahaha. I agree with Her :)

I'm so glad to hear Jessica is going to the MTC!!! Please send her my Love. She was there, with Grandma and Grandpa when I prepared to enter that Holy Ground. I Love our family. Congrats to Shawn! Honolulu will never be the same. I'm so glad to hear you had an uplifting experience at Women's Conference. The family’s looks lovely and please send them my Love. Also, thank you for looking into that at BYU for me! That is my dream, to go to school there. It might be a little difficult to do the application here, because our mission President only authorizes 1 hour of computer time a week, whether that is emailing family or not. But maybe we will get more time when President Young gets here. I don't know, but if the rule stays the same, maybe I can just send y'all a quick email one P-Day in November and use the rest of the time for the application. I'll work it out, but Thank You So Much!

I am so glad to hear that Jake and Laura Jones stopped by! I made an entry in my study journal about them the other day. They are very special to me. Did you know that Jake, too, served a mission in Brasil? And so did Nate Theriault and they were home teaching companions for a little bit before Nate left on His mission. I am glad to hear that Sister Jones is maintaining her health and I hope the diabetes resolves itself. Thank You, Mom, for paying for my piano lessons. I am so Sorry I did not always practice, but I learned a lot from the Jones's, whether it was technical piano skills or spiritual things, I was always uplifted in their home. And I continue my practice when I can in the Capela here in Brasil ! :)

I Love my companion, Elder M. Silva. In the District 2, Elder Tuituu says how he felt like Elder Murray was a companion he could trust who helps him work his best. That is how my companion is. Pedro, our Ward Mission Leader is very helpful. We get fed a lot!!! This area is one of the most supportive in the mission from what I hear. Yeah! When you find that song by Janice Kapp Perry please let me know!

Here is a poem Sister Tenney (a missionary from Kansas who also got her Visa to go to Brasil) received and shared with me. It is very applicable to missionary work, and life, and I think you'll like it:

A mission is a strange experience.
It is a trial & a test.
A mission throws you the worst
Yet, teaches you the best.
I've never been so happy.
I've never been so depressed.
I've never felt so forsaken,
I've never been so blessed.
I've never been so confused,
Things have never been so clear.
I've never felt my Heavenly Father so distant,
He's never been so near.
I've never been so discouraged,
I've never been so full of hope.
I feel like I could go on forever,
I think I've come to the end of my rope.
I've never had it quite so easy,
I've never had it quite so tough.
Things have never been so smooth,
Things have never been so rough.
I've never travelled through more valleys,
I've never ascended more peaks.
I've never met so many nice people,
I've never met so many freaks!
I've never had so many ups
I've never had so many downs.
I've never worn so many smiles,
I've never had so many frowns.
I've never been so lonely.
I've never had so many friends.
Boy, I hope this is over soon,
Gosh, I hope it never ends.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on that. I Love You All So Much! 'Till next week!

Sunday Will Come,

Élder Weaver