Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Eternal Friend!

Elder Weaver got an email from Elder Cervantes, his first MTC companion.

Elder Cervantes:  I forgot to mention that I really treasured your training about how there is a time for  everything, from Eclesiaties.  If I'm ever in LD I'll definitely re-give that training.  With much love, Elder Cervantes.

Elder Weaver:  It was great to talk with you at Zone Conference.  I love you pal.

Here he is...The Man of the Hour.
One of My Best Friends Ever.
Elder Isai Cervantes
An Eternal Friend.
Elder Bybee
He and Elder Holbrook

(my trainer from Kansas)
are best friends. He is really
a nice guy.

Letter from Sister Harris:

Craziness Of The World Cup!

June 23, 2014

The Mission President Report:
Barbara estava na Igreja uma vez mais! Cleyton, o irmão dela, recebeu o sacerdócio aarônico la também. Vamos trabalhar com eles essa semana para que Cleyton puder batizar ela. Encontramos uma família menos ativa também com uma filha que pode ser batizada!

(Google Translate)

Barbara was in the Church once more! Cleyton, her brother, received the Aaronic Priesthood it too. We will work with them this week to Cleyton can baptize her. We found a less active family also with a daughter who can be baptized!

Also, the mom in the part-member family has cancer and will be going through some treatments this week. I had the opportunity to give her a priesthood blessing. They have a desire to return to Church! The husband works this week and the mom will be having some treatments, but probably the following Sunday they can make it! 

Dear Family & Friends,

I believe it! There are surprisingly a lot of white people here. There isn't one "Brazilian" look. Everything is mixed. There is way more diversity here than I thought there would be. People always go, "Oi Alemão!" (Hey German!) to me, haha. I Love This Place.

Ahhhwww! I'm glad you got to eat your Costco..."TRadition...TRADITION!" Sorry, my District Leader, Elder Strebe and I were singing music from "Fiddler On The Roof" this week and your cake reminded me of that part! :) Yeah, it sounds like Levi extended, you're right. Normally you go home a few weeks or a month earlier.
I have been receiving emails from Ashley! But most of my time is spent emailing President and you guys, so unfortunately I'm not so diligent about reading her emails home, but I will try this week. That's okay if you repeat! We Both Love You!! :)

Italian is very similar to Portuguese, so that would be kind of sweet to go there. Also, I think they've started on the temple in Rome. Or you could go to England and listen to the delicious voices of Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and Ellie Goulding. That's a tough one. Or you could go to Australia! I really loved it there. But that is so nice of Cathy to do for you. She as always used her positions and abilities to bless other people. As I said before, going to the temple with her before my mission was one of my best preparations.

I Love That Talk! Especially that part where he says, "I testify with my own grandfather who said simply enough, 'A wicked man could not write such a book as this. And no good man WOULD write it unless he were commanded by God to do so.'" I will continue praying for Paula. Visiting her is so helpful to missionary work! Thank you for your help. You will be so blessed for doing so.

Unfortunately I don't know what sungas are yet, I'll ask my companion.  Sorry this is short, but I will try and save time to send pictures!!!  Thank you for your thoughts on The Advocate and His Expiação.

Your closing remarks remind me of something I heard in the MTC. I keep it in a notebook called "My Small Plates" as Nephi said, "On these I write the things of my soul..." But anyway someone in that sacred place said, "A ship in the harbor is safe, but that's not what ships are for." From then on I have learned about how we are meant to voyage towards the Promised Land the Lord has in store for us.

Guys, You are The BEST!


Élder Weaver

Friday, June 20, 2014

We Had A Baptism!

June 16, 2014

The Mission President Report:

Cleiton foi batizado!!! Ele tinha apoio do Presidente dos Rapazes e outros membros la também. Vamos continuar ensinando Sarah, Melissa, e Samuel. E nós vamos continuar encontrando novas pessoas a ensinar e batizar.

(Google Translation)

Cleiton was baptized! He had support from the President of the Boys and other members of her too. We will continue teaching Sarah, Melissa, and Samuel. And we will continue to find new people to teach and baptize.

Dear Family & Friends,

WE HAD A BAPTISM!!! Cleiton! I'll try and get the pictures from my companion. He has a lot I need to send to you.

President only mandated that we stay inside on the days of the games where Brasil is competing. We had our first game on Thursday...you should have seen it. It was nutz!! People were launching off fireworks after every goal (Brasil only had 3). We stayed inside all day that day. The rule was we had to be home 2 hours before the game and stay in until the end of the night. We all dressed up in our Brasil stuff and ate junk food. It was very fun! :) Our next game is tomorrow...MOM'S BIRTHDAY!!!...the 17th of June... ;) No, I didn't forget. 2 P-Days this week! :) Mom, tomorrow all of Brasil will celebrate your birthday with you :)

We also had a wonderful Zone Conference this Wednesday, and I got to see Elder Cervantes!!! He had 10 Baptisms this transfer! We were talking all about it. He is serving in Vila Velha right now...it's one of the Zones closest to ours. We talked for like 2 hours it was great! After the conference there's usually food and Soccer and Volleyball and other sports. It was also way fun! I also talked for a while with Elder Bybee. He is the best friend of Elder Holbrook, my trainer from Kansas. We swapped stories about all of the crazy things he has done!

I don't think he served a mission there, but he was an Area Seventy over South America for a while and so I believe he spent a lot of time in Brasil. I think he also oversaw the translation of the LDS version of The Holy Bible in Spanish, but I could be wrong on that one.

Jake's email address is: jacob.theriault@myldsmail.net

Wait, I thought this was your 29th Birthday...you must have done the math wrong! :)

Yes, I can certainly give you a shirt. My companion's Mom got me one, which will probably fit you. (Yes, I'll send her a thank you letter.)

Transfers are the 8th of July, but President leaves the 27th. President Araújo is from Fortaleza. I think this last Zone Conference was his party. His final remarks were, "Elders and Sisters I'm going to talk about something I always talk about with you: Baptism. The thing is this:...ah-uh.ahh......just baptize everyone! And if your new President gets here and says you shouldn't do that...just remember: I was never here!" He always had a sense of humor. I'll have to show you my imitation of him when I get home. He was pretty hilarious!

I am glad Nani got to see her friends!!! Hey do the Conover’s have any kids in Brasil? My mission? I thought I saw a missionary who looked like a Conover, but I could be mistaken...that's good you guys got to reunite. I am also glad to hear it felt strange being guests. I am so glad we live in Salem now. I tell everyone I am from Oregon, because THAT is my home. In Brasil they think it's weird because to them you are "from" where you were born and you can never change that, but in the US we have the privilege of reinventing ourselves. Salem is the place for our family right now.

I am glad to hear Dad got to do what He wanted. I am also glad we live in a country with that right. Here, it is against the law for citizens to bear arms. Bishop is a good pal. I hope he is continuing to bless the ward.
Yes, and remember the words of the Savior when He said that blessed are we when we are persecuted for His name's sake. I know how you feel.

Mom, I had a lady in Kansas tell me that Elder Evans and I are going straight to Hell. While in the very moment we each felt the Spirit testify to us that if we stay our current course, we would enter the Celestial Kingdom. Here, too, in Brasil we have been anointed with persecution. I will share with you the favorite scripture of my professor, Brother Rosemore from the MTC:

1 Nephi 19:9  And the world, because of their iniquity, shall judge him to be a thing of naught; wherefore they scourge him, and he suffereth it; and they smite him, and he suffereth it. Yea, they spit upon him, and he suffereth it, because of his loving kindness and his long-suffering towards the children of men.

I LOVE THIS SCRIPTURE! Jesus Christ. HE is our perfect example in all things. I am so glad to as President Monson says, "Dare To Be a MORMON!" I love and admire all of you, so much! :)

Okay, I'll let you know when I get the package! Those are words of wisdom! :) Thank you for your thoughts. I will certainly, "GET REGULAR" this week! :)

Mom, You are an angel. And though we cannot embrace right now, I hope you feel my presence with you. WE, all of us, have been sealed in a family relationship that cannot be broken. Only through our own negligence or direct disobedience is that possible. But, I trust that as we continue keeping our covenants we will be together forever. God Always Makes Good On The Promises He Makes.

You and Dad were OUR missionaries. We learned the gospel from You. And You Invited Us To Be Baptized By Proper Priesthood Authority! :)

You Deserve Your Best Birthday Yet! :D

With all of the love in Kansas, Brasil, and the rest of the Universe,

Your Son,

Élder Weaver

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We Had A Sweet Opportunity To Hear From Apostles Yesterday!

June 9, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Presidents Report

Nós tivemos Sarah, Cleyton, e Samuel na Igreja! Eles gostaram, particularmente o discurso de Élder Richard G. Scott sobre a oração. Agora Cleyton e Samuel têm uma data pelo batismo por este Sábado. E vamos convidar Sarah hoje se ela estiver em casa. 

(Google Translation)

We had Sarah, Cleyton, and Samuel Church! They liked it, particularly the speech of Elder Richard G. Scott of prayer. Now Cleyton and Samuel have a date for the baptism by this Saturday. And today we'll invite Sarah if she is at home.

We had a sweet opportunity to hear from Apostles yesterday! 71 Stakes in the Rio and São Paulo areas received a transmission from Salt Lake where we heard Elder Claudio Costa (and some other whose name I can't pronounce) from the 70. Elder Soares, also of Brasil and the Presidency of the Seventy spoke. Carole M. Stephens gave a talk there as well. Elder Richard G. Scott gave his talk in Portuguese!!! It was way sweet, he pronounced some things with a hispanic accent, but for the most part you could understand him. After Elder Scott, Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to us (his talk was interpreted). It was great to hear from all of them.

Yeah that's the closest one, but we've been having more people show up which is a blessing! Hahaha, if you can you should send me Dad's picture. That sounds pretty sweet! Sister Harris, my 80-year-old investigator from Kansas sent me a sweet card the other day. I'll have to send it to you to read. (But warning she writes very...much like me). Yes! I hear from Jake all of the time. I'll have to send you one of his emails it was hilarious as you can imagine. 

Yeah...Weaver Movie Marathons FOR DAYSSS!!!!!

What I was told by President Bell in Kansas was that after 6 months you could choose to stay in the US or go to Brasil if your Visa ever did arrive. I don't know if you can be "re-assigned" to another mission in the US or not. I suppose it's possible, but my friend Sister McDaniel chose to stay in the US and eventually her Visa did arrive, but she had received a spiritual confirmation that her mission was Kansas now, so she stayed there.

Yeah, she'll come around. And I'll certainly pray for her. You can say Hi to the Elders there for me too if you like! :)

When I read that vile name of the educational establishment, I was hoping to discover that you would report on the school burning down or something...but I suppose a new principal is the next best thing, if it must still exist for a little while longer until the Lord claims this Earth in his glory and casts down everything unclean, impure, and unholy under which category that place will certainly find itself.

Way to go Daniel!

I heard about that book, our Zone Leaders in Kansas were approved to read it. I heard it's way sweet! It's by Elder Christiansen, right?!

Thank You For Your Thoughts. Pray for your Marius.....I mean Elder Weaver....(sorry, my District Leader and I have been singing Les Mis lately), He Prays for You.

World Cup is going to be totes cray this week. President has mandated that we all stay inside during the days that Brasil will play...as in ALL day. But he approved missionaries to watch it if they stay inside...a member brought us a TV because they thought it was that important...hahahahaha. Brasil is addicted to soccer.


Elder Weaver

MOM...if I can't email on Monday it will be because of the World Cup. But I want to wish You THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! You deserve it. And I'm sorry I don't have more to give you, but I promise I will live worthy to be called your missionary son! :)

Monday, June 2, 2014

My Companion Is Hilarious!

June 2, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

The Brief Report to the President:

Samuel e Melissa estavam na Igreja! Eles dois não têm mais do que 15 anos, então vamos ensinar as famílias deles mais que eles podem estar na Igreja e ser batizados também!

(Google Translation)

Samuel and Melissa were in the Church! They both have more than 15 years, so let's teach their families more than they can be in church and be baptized too!

It's been great here! I won't lie! My companion is hilarious! Oh, that's too bad about your allergies :( You should spend some time by the beach...that's what I do. The saline will clear your sinuses. Also, I don't think the plants that cause my allergies grow here...they have other plants with names I can't pronounce. I'm glad Allison was able to help you out. She’s a doll, isn't she? Also, if you continue to have problems that medical nose spray stuff that smells like flowers helped me a lot. Yeah, I get your drift ;)...Hey thanks for the package. I'll let you know when I get it. I got a package the other day from Elder Reinhardt's family. It was really sweet of them. They sent it December 31st and it got to me this week! Hahaha, Brasil...

I'm glad Moxie is finally away. Haha. Yeah Butter is an old dog with new tricks.

That's a bummer about Dad's new boss :( I was reading in the missionary handbook today about leaders. It says in there that the job of a good leader is not just to supervise or merely motivate...it is to uplift and edify others, too. I know Dad will do well, He always does.

Yes! Last transfer we started working in the area of Praia de Carapebus. It's close to the beach, so a lot of the people are very friendly. We met this one guy Ubiratan...he is the man. Like literally. He works as a security guard at an elementary school, he's super buff, he surfs, and in his free time his wife says he saves the little baby turtles that wash up on the shore. We've been teaching him, his wife, Tute, and Leticia the daughter. It's hard to get them to church (our area is about 30-40 minutes from the church by Ônibus). But I would love to see that family in white soon.

We have been so blessed. One of the talks that I quote a lot, because it is sacred to me, "I Will Not Fail Thee, Nor Forsake Thee" by our beloved Prophet President Thomas S. Monson talks about this. I love the story of Brother Brems and with Him I say, "Heavenly Father has been so good to me."  Thanks for that quote! It is a personal relationship we have with Him. The Remington's will Thank You. President sent me a nice email today saying that I'm a good missionary :)

Eu amo todos vocês. Eu penso em ti, eu espero que eu possa ser digno de seu amor. Fique tranquilo, O Senhor já venceu o mundo.

(Google Translation)

I love you all. I think of you, I hope I can be worthy of your love. Rest assured, The Lord has conquered the world.

Com Amor,

Elder Weaver