Thursday, December 19, 2013

Email From His Mission President In Brazil!

From: Brazil Vitoria Mission ‪<>‬

Date: Wed, Dec 18, 2013 at 10:16 AM

We are very grateful to have Elder Weaver with us in the Brazil Vitória Mission.  He arrived yesterday from The Kansas Wichita mission.  Although a little tired due to an early plane flight, he was anxious to begin his service in the mission field.  After a session of training, we met with all the missionaries for lunch and an afternoon interview.  Once again, it was a pleasure getting to know your son and we look forward to serving with him as we invite others to come unto Christ and enjoy the blessings of the gospel.  If in the future you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

President and Sister Araujo

p.s. Monday is our Preparation Day.  As such, you should expect an email this coming Monday.

Transfer To Vitoria

December 18, 2013

Hi Family & Friends,

We did not get an email from Austin this week, but even better....he called and we were able to chat for a bit while he was on a long layover in Atlanta.  He flew from Atlanta tonight to Sao Paulo and then from there, he took another flight to Vitoria.  He sounded awesome and so excited to get down there.  He is sure going to miss his last mission president.  It was cute, he said President Bell said when he was driving him to the airport, he felt like he was taking his own son to the airport for his mission.  Very sweet!  He was traveling with a small group, which I am thrilled about and seemed to be in very good spirits.  What a joy it has been to hear of his experiences thus far.  He was supposed to get down there on Tuesday morning, but one great thing...we get to talk with him once again on Christmas hopefully.  I hope he will have connections to do Skype, Face Time or something like that.  

Missionary work is awesome and it continues to go forth everywhere!

Kristin Weaver (Momma)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Some Stellar Things Happened This Week

To: Family & Friends,

Isn't that address great? :) I think he is the same mission president as listed in the package, President Bezerra (Portugues for "Calf"). I really can't think of anything else you'll need. I'll try and give you more details when I get a chance to email on my next available P-Day. I'll try and send more pictures, too :)

So, some stellar things happened this week. President Bell took me out to lunch with Elder Johnson, Elder Ives, and Elder Waite (from Newton). I was arranging to meet with him before I left and his car was getting serviced so we met him at a Firestone in Wichita and he was like, "Are you Elders hungry?" and the answer to that question is always "Yes!" so he took us out to Logan's for lunch. It was so much fun! I haven't told anyone in the ward I'm leaving yet. I've only told Troy. I'll tell some others, but I'll just let most everyone else find out, ha ha. I Love President Bell so much. As far as I know, yes! I can phone you in the airport. My itinerary says I leave Wichita at 11-ish AM and land in Atlanta at 2-ish so, it looks like I have a layover in Atlanta for a bit, so I think I'll call you from there while I'm still in the states. I don't know the time difference I think its 3 hours ahead of Oregon. So, I might call around 3 or so Atlanta time on Monday the 16th. I'm not sure why the address was different. Here's what my call packet says:

Elder Austin Earl Weaver
Brazil Vitoria Mission
Avenida Joao Baptista Parra, 633
Salas 1501/1502
Edf. Enseada Office, Praia do Sua
29052-123 Vitoria - ES BRAZIL

Phone: 55 27-3325-3703

I hope this helps. I am so glad to hear Ashley gets to go through the Temple on January 4th. There is not a greater Christmas gift she can give to her Savior.

Our mission has a goal of getting 40 baptisms before Christmas. They're calling it "Noche Blanca!" It's the greatest gift we could think of to give to the Savior in remembrance of his birthday (even though that's in April, but you know what I mean).

We had some crazy things happen this week. We got a voice mail from President Bell sent to all missionaries saying that due to the number of missionaries in service Elders have their time reduced to 18 months and Sisters to 12 months, effective January 1st. Elder Johnson and I went quiet, but we prayed and felt a reassuring feeling of peace that everything would be alright. Then an hour later we got a voicemail from our Zone Leaders saying it was not real!!! President Bell and the Assistants came up with this as a training exercise. They said they wanted it to be a wake-up call to help us understand that anything can happen and we ought to serve our best because our missions, and lives, are short. It was wonderful! They likened it unto Abraham's sacrifice of Isaac. Even though the Lord stopped him from doing it, He wanted to see Abraham's willingness. Even though it wasn't real, I know that if President Monson had received revelation for missionary service to change I would be okay with it because he is a prophet of God, and I have a testimony of the gospel.

I'm glad to hear you got to help someone in the snow and ice. Thank you for depositing those checks. I haven't found the adapter yet, but I'll look at Wal-Mart today when we do our shopping. The Devotional was great. We tried getting investigators and less-actives there but no bites. It was a really great message. I am glad to hear Dad gets so much vacation. He deserves it. I'm glad he's finally found a job that treats him right. I think that's about all, I'll try and send more pictures shortly.

Before I go, you must know that Jesus Is The Very Christ. The gospel is true. It is just as true in Wellington as it is in Brazil. I am SO grateful for the opportunity I have had to serve here. I have come to Love in ways I did not think I was capable. Israel is everywhere. I don't have much to say, but just know that I Love all of you, and your spirits are with me. The Holy Ghost reminds me from time to time of your Love.

Na Manha Quieta, Nevoenta,
Quando a lua ia a cama...
Vou ser amarrado para casa em tempo.

Fique Amorosos,

Teu Filho,

Elder Weaver

December 9, 2013 Letter To President Bell

Letter to President Bell:

President Bell,

This week was fantastic! We did not get in to see Shay as we planned. She cancelled due to an appointment she had in Topeka, but we hope to see her this week. Mario and Christy read the Introduction pages of The Book of Mormon with us. They committed to finish the Testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith on their own. Richard showed more interest than I have ever seen with him when we restarted The Book of Mormon with him and Bonnie as well. Lancy is still on date for Noche Blanca, however he still has the flu, so we will try him in a couple of days hopefully. We are working on starting a scripture study class in Harper County. We appreciate all of your advice and help regarding the work here. Elder Johnson is still on track with his lessons. He plans on passing off lesson 2 with Elder Kempter on Friday after District Meeting.
I am so glad I have the opportunity to serve in the Great Kansas Wichita Mission! I have loved every day here, and I promise to serve as best I can the rest of this week. Thank you for your kindness. You and Sister Bell were one of the great reasons I was reassigned to Kansas. I Love You!

Com Amor,

Elder Weaver

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Thanksgiving Was Awesome!

December 2, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

This Thanksgiving was awesome! I'm glad to hear y'all's was good too. Sister Mock fed us lots. We gave her "strength and honor" hand shake her son, Will, would give her before he passed away in military service.

As far as an extra P-Day, President Bell did not say anything about that, but he did tell me quite in advance (about 3 and a half weeks) to prepare. That is very helpful. Thank You for asking, but as far as I know right now I'll just need you to standby because I'll probably box up and mail to you all of my excess things I can't take on the plane (sweaters, jackets, etc.). So, if you would keep that safe in my room or someplace, that would be great! Also, I need to buy a new electrical adapter, although I'm not sure if my mission uses them or not. I gave mine to Sister Tenney before she left because she couldn't find and buy one in time while she was in Kansas. I can probably find one at Wal-Mart or something while I'm here though. I'll let you know next week if I need one. Thanks!

Ha ha! That's so funny you put my picture on a plate. Elder Holbrook's older sister got married a couple weeks after he entered the MTC, so his folks made a cardboard cut-out of him and took pictures of him at the wedding. Glad to know the dogs didn't kill each other. You are brave for going out on the Blackest of Fridays. And I am glad to hear the two of you got to go to The House of the Lord :)! Such a special place. Yay! Snow!!! The Temple is a lovely place, and I WOULD LOVE to Live There! YAY for ASHLEY!!! I cannot wait to read her email!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing that quote with me. Elder Nash of the Seventy said something similar to us: "Hold nothing back from The Lord!"

No, I am NOT ready for the spiders, but I'll go anyway :)! No, I have not emailed Elder Evans yet about it, but I will pretty soon. Yup, no need for the warm clothes. :) That's good to hear from the ward. Yes, I have been brushing up on my Portugues. Here's Jakes email address, (I do communicate with him frequently):
He is doing pretty well.

I would love to write Ryan, I just need to know his address or email or something. Thanks!

Fique Bom!

Com Amor, Sempre,

Elder Weaver

The President's Report

December 2, 2013

RE: The President’s Report

President Bell,

We had a great week! We found 3 new investigators. Shay was a referral from the Goulds, a less-active family. They all came to church this Sunday, which we were very excited about. Shay wanted to learn about the Plan of Salvation, so we taught that lesson to her first, and we will finish teaching that on Saturday.

We put Lancy back on date for the 24th, Noche Blanca. He has been trimming down his smoking and he says coffee is no longer part of his diet. We will teach lesson 4 in more depth to prepare him for baptism and we look forward to seeing him progress.

Mario and Christy invited us over after Thanksgiving. They were also celebrating the birthday of a child they lost. They released balloons with birthday wishes on them into the air, and they asked us to offer a prayer that they would make it to him safely. We were honored to do so. Much of Christy's family was in town as well and we were able to offer some insight into the church while we ate and talked with them. We concluded by sharing a Thanksgiving message centered around President Monson's talk "I Will Not Fail Thee, Nor Forsake Thee." We were not able to put them back on date, but hope to do so this week.

We also finished up the new member lessons for Nathan who we also helped move. He'll be in the Great Bend Ward. We called his new Bishop to make sure he is welcomed there.

Our other new investigators are Chris and Justin who came to us as a referral from We invited them to our ward Christmas activities, and we look forward to their progression.

I am so grateful to be a missionary in The Great Kansas Wichita Mission and in the world! I look forward to meeting with you soon.

Te Amo!

Elder Weaver