Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yesterday, For Instance, Was A Miracle

October 27, 2014

Mission President Letter

Essa semana foi bem especial! Gisele, Pedro, Andrea, e Rebecca estavam na Igreja! Andrea e a filha dela Rebecca vão ser batizadas esse Sábado! Eles mostraram um arrependimento sincero e tiverem experiências bem especiais no Evangelho. Vamos continuar ajudar eles e encontrar mais novos pessoas a ajudar.

Google Translation

This week was pretty special! Gisele, Peter, Andrea and Rebecca were in church! Andrea and her daughter Rebecca will be baptized this Saturday! They showed a sincere repentance and have special experiences in the Gospel as well. We will continue to help them and find more new people to help.

Dear Family & Friends,

Some areas do get way into it, but I think around here it's not too big. Hahaha! I'm glad y'all get the quadruple "F"! We are going to enjoy a family night I think on Halloween, but it won't be for the holiday.

I am grateful that Jessica gets to be home during this time. She has such a bright smile and helpful spirit. She was there when I entered the MTC.
Planning is vital.

Yesterday, for instance, was a miracle. We needed Andrea and Rebecca to come to Stake Conference. They might have come anyway, but we arranged a member to drive them in the rain. I couldn't understand everything he said, because the rain was so loud, and I'm not a native speaker, but he showed up in the nick of time. She has quit coffee and wants to be baptized with her daughter. She has had marvelous spiritual experiences including dreams and she is progressing well.

The Church is rolling forth like the stone that was cut out of the mountain without hands. And will continue so on. And on.

I do! Yes, I hear from Steven and Michael just about every week. That will be good for Jake to go to school! I am excited for him. I heard from McKay Noll this week as well! I do hear from Elder Cervantes every once in a while. And Elder Chun from Kansas Guys. You have to meet him when he gets home. He is HILARIOUS! Like almost as funny as Ashley and Allison.

Thanks for the package!!! I'll let you know when it comes in!!!
So, I had my Ecclesiastical Endorsement from President today, and I hope to get it all sent in ASAP! I will try and get the Transcripts in as well. If I need help I will let you know! Thanks! I am so excited that I can be applying to BYU!

I had a dream that I had an interview with the Savior this week. He had on a white and purple robe. For some reason we were in the Primary room. He told me that everything would be okay.  He Did Love Us First,

If The Savior Stood Beside Me Would I Do The Things I Do?


Élder Weaver

At District Meeting

Off to the right it says, "The Mission Will Be Fulfilled!"

Mom, you will laugh at how I still sleep like this sometimes...
my companion took a pic of me sleeping 
like this and was confused so he asked me about it later.

Monday, October 20, 2014

I Hope Your Anniversary Was Special

October 20, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Essa semana foi ótima! Sérgio e Vanilda estavam na Igreja. Também Andrea e Rebecca foram. Eles tem muito potencial ser batizados essa semana ainda. Vamos fazer tudo para ajudar eles e também Gezieu ser batizados. 

Google Translation

This week was great! Sergio and Vanilda were in church. Also Andrea and Rebecca were. They have so much potential to be baptized this week yet. Let's do everything to help them and Gezieu also be baptized.

I'm glad to hear about your flowers!!! I can believe it! I hope your Anniversary was special. I'm glad their Christmas will be white. I have a goal for a White Christmas. Not in snow, but I would Love to see more people dressed in white to enter the eternal shores. It is funny. Ashley will be freezing and I will be boiling just like Dad and Uncle Aaron.

Yeah, there are a few internet cafés. Libraries aren't really a thing here, so we have to pay for computer time.

I don't know why, but the Zone Leaders didn't have my letter from Pierce but I will call Elder Garcia about it later. I did however receive another letter from my Beloved Sister Harris vesting one of her many wigs. She said she likes the new missionaries. Elder Holbrook is in the office now, so he gets to see her often. I hope she gets baptized this transfer if she has not been already.

That's so good to hear about Jason! I heard he moved to Southern Oregon. Rafael liked Jason a lot.

Yeah, I'm really not sure what it is. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that people are more prepared to receive the gospel, and so because of that many missionaries think they can lower the baptismal standards in order to maximize the number of baptismal services held every transfer. There are other things as well, but I feel like this new president will clean things up. At least, I sure hope so.

I am sorry to hear that about Sean. Yeah, the first day I got here a missionary told me, "Look at the white handbook! It bends!" Qualifications for Baptism are treated more like "Suggestions for Baptism" Here. Preach My Gospel is more of a "good idea" than a manual for how the Lord's Kingdom is to be established and brought to His Children. Rules are seen as restrictions by many people. It is sad. One day, maybe, I will have the courage to tell you the whole tale. But for now I will say, "As for me and my house. We will serve the Lord."

I believe I did make an oath when I entered the MTC.
Yes. President Bell is a Utan. I believe he and President Young are from Salt Lake. But I don't think they knew each other.

Please wish Nani a happy Birthday from me, and I'll try to send something in (Late) but hopefully it will arrive.

I hope Cathy finds something she loves and please tell her how much I love her.

I did get the email from Annette and I Loved the pictures. I am glad the boys got to go to the homeland. I hope Hawaii was everything they hoped. And I hope Jessica gets the answers she needs. I have some of my own I need. I hope she receives the support of our family with following whatever answer the Lord sends to her.

Christmas sounds fun for all of you! I am so excited for all of you!!! Tell Allison I wish her well!

Mom, you already are a missionary! You know how to talk with anyone! Which is what missionary work is all about. The gospel will flow more freely from people like you who show a genuine concern for others whom we may not even know that well. My companion does a really good job of that.
Thank you for that pioneer message. Mr. Emerson may not have been a member of the church, but I think he was an inspired man.

Mother I Love You.
I wish I could write more.
But I send the rest of my emails to Heavenly Father in prayer and ask that He carry them forth to all of you,
With All The Love
From Your Tiny Son,

Élder Weaver

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


October 13, 2014

Letter to Mission President
Rafaela, Gabriel, e Laura foram confirmados esse Domingo! O Bispo foi muito feliz para participar.  Vamos continuar ensinar os pais Gisele e Pedro para ser batizados depois o casamento deles. Encontramos alguns novos. Ajudamos Sérgio e Vanilda mudar casa. Eles vão na Igreja o Domingo que vem. Também eu completei o questionário, e eu estou animado pela visita de Élder Mazzagardi. 

Google Translation

Rafaela, Gabriel, and Laura were confirmed this Sunday! The Bishop was very happy to participate. We will continue to teach Peter and Gisele parents to be baptized after their marriage. We found some new ones. Sergio and help change Vanilda home. They will in the church next Sunday. I also completed the questionnaire, and I'm excited by the visit of Elder Mazzagardi.

To The Best Family Ever & Friends,

DUUUUUUDEEEE!!! NO way! I am so happy for Anna! Sister Kahn will Love the mission I'm sure and Sister Weaver can give her all of the ins and outs of the mission! This is the Lord's Work.

Also, small world, my ward secretary, Rafael, served in the Campinas mission with Jason Christensen!!! He told me that Jason is married now! Tell him parabens if you see him!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Did the Remington's go? Yeah, I think that's an EFY song he did a rendition of. Bahahahahaha ahahashaha hahaha. No. I probably won't be able to see it. As a missionary anyway.

Hey ! My mission secretaries said that they received a letter from my college this week. It was probably the transcripts you sent? Elder Garcia said it's in the mission office. I can sign it still if you want. You're going to hate me...but please don't forge the signature. When I began my application I signed an Honor Code where I promised that I would not lie. The Lord will provide a way.

I'm glad to hear Jake is doing well. Can you do me a favor? He is moving, so can I send y'all a letter to him and Allison or someone can forward it on to whatever his current address will be by the time the letter arrives? Thanks!! :)

Thanks for the reminder. I'll start next P-Day...because I won't have access on the day it's opened.

Yes! For the box, I would Love:
1) Contaccttttt Sollluttttioooonn! If you can, it's way expensive here...along with everything else. Don't believe people when they say South America is cheap. Every Brazilian in the mission says that Espírito Santo has more taxes than any other state and the cost of living is way high.
2) Roll-On Deoderant
3) Ensigns, English, old (preferably) if they're not too heavy.
Everything else I think y'all know ;) "If you know what I'm sayin'!" I learned how to say that in Portuguese this week. My companion taught me. And I taught him in English. It's: "Se é que você me entende!" Bahahahaha!
I usually put my music on a flash drive or SD card and have a sound box I put it in. I think any music by an LDS artist that's inspirational is kosh...the rules are kind of fuzzy with the new President, but I'm sure MoTab, Jenny Oaks Baker, Hillary Weeks, anything like that would be fine.

Hahahahaaha. This internet café is playing "Human" by The Killers right now...Brandon Flowers is a member...but probably don't send me any of his music until after the mission. Haha. "......AND I'm on my knees looking for the answer: Are we human? Or are we Dancer?...."

Anyways. I'm glad that talk helped. I will repeat something a primary instructor told me in Kansas, "One day at Church I asked myself, 'When can I just give up on this child?' The Spirit then whispered to me, 'You can give up on that child when the Savior would give up on that child.' And that would be NEVER!"

I'm glad you had the AP's over for dinner. Just like the story of Elijah and the widow. Our cupboards will never run dry if we feed the servants of the Lord.

I wish obedience was a thing in our mission...it's sort of not...President Young and I had a Lovely visit the other day, and he promised me that will change. I hope I am here to see that change realized...but it might take a lonngggggggg time to uproot the foul mission culture that has been brewing here. Since before I even got here.

You asked me about the differences. Well, with all due respect for an ordained servant of the Lord...put quite simply: I didn't feel the Spirit with the last one. But with this one I do. I hope one day you can meet President Bell and him. Yeah, he speaks pretty well.

Mother, thank you for teaching me to Love everyone. Rich or poor, bond or free, black or white, popular or nerdy, happy or alone. I think that is one of the greatest qualities you taught your children. How to talk with just about anyone. That's important. Don't ever down-play that.

So, I don't have everyone's email. But please tell everyone I Love them and wish them well. I am looking forward to speaking with Chelsey in Portuguese. Mom, Dad, parabens! Thanks for sticking through it and making our family a fun family along the way.

I hope Uncle Brent heals up.

And I was fasting for Josh on Sunday. Tell him I Love him. He'll be all right.
I am sorry I have to be short. But I hope you can still feel the care I have for all of you. And forgive me of anything I may have thought, said, or done wrong. I want you all to know I Love You. And Heavenly Father loves us all.


Élder Weaver

My District Leader bought a bunch of fruit.

Lifebouy...I remembered a Christmas Story
 and thought of you and Dad quoting this!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference Weekend Was Inspiring!

October 7, 2014

Mission President Letter

Essa semana foi ótima! Tivemos Isabela, Gezieu, Gabriel, Rafaela, Laura, Gisele, Sérgio, and Vanilda na Conferência Geral. Isabela mora na Colatina, e eu vou passar o nome dela hoje para os secretários. Vou continuar trabalhar. Eu tenho que fazer a vontade do Senhor.

Google Translation

This week was great! We had Isabela, Gezieu, Gabriel, Rafaela, Laura, Gisele, Sergio, and Vanilda at General Conference. Isabela lives in Colac, and I will pass her name today to the Secretaries. I will continue to work. I have to do the Lord's will.

Dear Family & Friends,

Conference weekend was inspiring. I had the privilege of seeing my good friend Elder Capawana from my MTC District. The talks were very inspired. I didn't make all of the sessions because I had to find people to bring, but of the ones I saw, I enjoyed. I couldn't watch in English this time, but that's okay, I felt the Spirit still and understood most everything I heard.  I cannot care about what other people will think of me (not even those whom I Love, my family), or how they will take it or if they will understand...I can only do the Will of the Lord.  No matter what happens, just know that is what I will do. I too liked Elder Nelson's emphasis on the sustaining of Church leaders. Haha, Brigham Young said that music is a gift from The Lord. It doesn't make sense to me that Heaven would exist without music.

Today, was something special. The mother of those 3 children who got baptized, Gisele, entered the Courthouse with Pedro (the Dad) to begin their marriage process! My companion (Elder Ferreira) was Pedro's witness. Elizabeth (Gisele's best friend) was her witness. Elizabeth is dating a man from England and speaks English fluently with him. She lives in Vila Velha and will be receiving visits from the missionaries shortly.

Elder Godoy's talk was very funny! Everyone laughed when he shared the story about how he had a job interview and it came down to him and 3 other people. "Yeah, the other 2 are children of very important people." Then he replied, "Oh, ok. But I'm a child of GOD!" Hahahahahaha. Everyone had a hoot and a half over that one.

The session with Elder Bednar was also the one where most of my investigators showed up. He spoke directly to them. It was great!

Something that I think will unify our family, and already has, is Family History. I never got genealogy before my mission, but everything makes clearer sense now. We need them. And they need us. And we all need Heavenly Father. I look forward to redeeming our dead when I get home, and in the meantime, I know that a diligent family treasure hunt would invite the Spirit greatly into the Weaver home in Salem, Oregon.

How's Josh? I hope all is well. And if not, it will be, soon.
I prayed for him this week.

I had a good visit  with my Mission President this week as well.
Things that didn't make much sense before are being brought to light. My mind is clear. My heart is afraid, but, "...I know in whom I have trusted." 2 Nephi 4:17-19

Élder Weaver