Monday, September 2, 2013

Transferred To A New Area Called Wellington

September 2, 2013

Attention People of the World: My Address has changed!!! My New Mailing Address is: 606 Bryana Dr., Argonia, KS 67004

I have been emergency transferred to an area called Wellington! We got a call from the AP's last Thursday telling us that I was to leave and had to pack and say goodbye to the only area I have ever known in 2 days! Such is a mission.

I said goodbye to Sister Harris. That was probably the hardest thing I have had to do on my mission so far. She almost cried, but put on a good face for Farrell and everyone else she had over that day. Also, Mom, Sister Harris wants your cell phone number so she can call you? Can I give it to her? If not I understand. We then got a call from the AP's again, shortly after I told Sister Harris this. They said, "Well, now there's only a 50% chance of Elder Weaver leaving, so tell him to not worry about packing his stuff yet, but he and Elder Allen will have interviews with President at 9 AM Saturday morning." Okay then.

I decided on Thursday night that we needed to go out. We were debating if we should or not, because Elder Holbrook wasn't feeling too well. We walked to the hood to find Big Momma, she wasn't home but Ed referred us to Destiny and we taught her all of Lesson 1 and committed her to come to church. We consider finding her a miracle. I felt that my work in Bel-Aire was, or really could have been, finished then.

We meet with Pres. Bell on Saturday. He tells me I WILL be serving in Wellington and interviews each of us separately. Wellington is an hour away from Bel-Aire and President approved me to drive the truck down there (keep in mind I hadn't driven since I have been out on my mission, because normally you don't get driving privileges until after training). I was told that my new companion would be Elder Evans (yes that same Elder Evans I emailed you about)! He is a Visa waiter also, both to Brazil, we BOTH came out on the same day, and neither of us have finished our 12-Week training yet! President told us we will finish training each other! Doesn't the Lord work in mysterious ways?! The reason for this transfer is Elder Evans' last companion (Elder Motes) had to go home for a family emergency, and he needed to be replaced. So, I have to go, but I will write more later. I Love President Bell. He is truly inspired. 

Eu amo voces!

Elder Weaver

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