Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elder Evans Got His VISA!

October 28, 2013

RE: Elder Evans Got His VISA

Thanks So much. Guess what?  Elder Evans got his VISA!!! He leaves Nov 11th.  President Bell just called and also here is an email I just got from Elder Reinhardt:

OK! I'm soo glad that it wasn't real! I'd probably have to change my slacks...but hey!  Got the VISA!!!!!!! Flying out of South Dakota on Monday at 6:45AM. The word from the Mission President is that Brazil is only going through 100 Visas a month. There are no new calls for missionaries to go to Brazil. Natives will still serve, but we will be some of the last that will still be getting to go. Hope to see you all soon.

I love you all! The Lord's Tender Mercies Are Over All The Earth!


Elder Weaver

I Got My Care Package Today!

October 28, 2013

RE:  Letter to home

Ola, Mamae! :) (Love the tie graphic)

Sounds like you had fun with the missionaries and friends. Also, thank you for your care package. I got it today, but I haven't opened it yet. Ha-ha, Attica was there, tiny, but there. Elder Evans and I began to wonder if we hadn't gone back in time. We met a nice man named Marvin who was married to a member. We hope to go back to teach him sometime. We cover a lot of towns like that: Wellington, Argonia, Milan, Attica, Anthony, Harper, Caldwell, Oxford, Honeywell, South Haven, and Bell Plane, to name a few. Yeah, we cover a pretty wide area. We are allotted 1,750 miles to drive each month...and it still comes close.

Sunday School is all right; we only teach it if certain people (recent converts, investigators, etc.) are at Church. We probably get about 30-40 people at Church each Sunday. We have more on the records, but sooo many are less active or moved. Bishop gave us a mondo-ward directory the other day. He has us keep that puppy under lock-and-key. We know people's ages, if they have eligible but un-baptized children, ordinations in the priesthood, and if they have been endowed or not. It's so nice having super specific records.

Yes, we eat very well :) That's quite the goal! We had a goal as a District to find 6 new investigators and I believe we reached it.

I am so glad to hear Ashley has accepted that call to serve. She will do great in the Ward and as a full-time missionary.

That is a testing experience you had at work. That is something I have been thinking a lot about lately. How people twist and misunderstand things all of the time. This last Conference restated a lot of the Truths that never change. Elder Evans and I were studying in the Bible Dictionary the other day, and under Baptism it talks a little bit about how whenever the Gospel has been on the earth in its fullness, the covenants of baptism, and others we take upon ourselves including the Sealing are not new inventions, but are ordinances that have been known and Given of God anciently. I Love that scripture in Alma. Jesus The Christ is also something that has brought me closer to my Savior. I studied 2 Nephi 2 this morning. I Love verse 8:

Wherefore, how great the importance to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, that they may know that there is no flesh that can dwell in the presence of God, asave it be through the merits, and mercy, and grace of the Holy Messiah, who blayeth down his life according to the flesh, and taketh it again by the power of the Spirit, that he may bring to pass thecresurrection of the dead, being the first that should rise.”

You are a wonderful missionary! :) Speaking of the resurrection, one talk that Elder Evans and I burnt on a CD that we listen to a lot is called "Sunday Will Come" by Joseph B. Wirthlin. If you haven't heard it in a while, I highly recommend it.  It has brought so much peace to my soul! We have prophets. They are men of God. Thank you for helping me understand and appreciate the sanctity and divinity of womanhood and virtue. I hope I always make you happy that I am your son. Because I am so happy that you are my Mom! :)

Elder Evans and I get to spend Halloween and probably Thanksgiving with Sister Mock because she always feeds us on Thursdays. She is a nice older lady. We can't go out and proselyte at night, so we will probably study with her and play scripture jeopardy, or put puzzles together or something. I hope Your Halloween is fun, too! :)


Elder Weaver

Letter To The President Week of October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

RE: Letter to the president

Oi Presidente!

Elder Evans and I had a week of Miracles. Our Zone Leaders, Elders Johnson and Sutherland challenged us to invite all of our investigators to baptism by the end of the week. We were not sure how we would do it, but as a result, we got 4 people on date for baptism! Now we are down to 3 because Katy still has not been to Church, but we hope to put her back on date when we can see her again. Lancy, Mario, and Christy are the others we have on date. The Law of Chastity will be an issue with Mario and Christy until they are either married or separated but we suggested the 30th of November and they asked us if they could be baptized on the 29th instead to which we agreed. Lancy is on date for December 7th. The Spirit prompted us to allot him some time to overcome his addictions to smoking and drinking coffee. With each of these investigators Elder Evans and I felt prompted to share scriptures from Ether 12. After a brief lesson on Faith, and receiving witnesses or blessings after the trial of our faith, they all agreed to be baptized. Lancy told us "We need a plan of action!" So he agreed to read more from The Book of Mormon while attending Church as often as possible. He also agreed to be taught the remainder of doctrinal points from Preach My Gospel that was missing from his Teaching Record. We also had a stellar member-present lesson with Richard and invited him to be baptized again. He said he would when he comes to know that our message is true. Richard and Bonnie both came to Church! Also, our friend Troy came. Troy is not exactly an investigator, but he is someone who lives in Argonia who we do a lot of service for. He has hit some hard times, but he enjoys visits from us. We testify much of The Book of Mormon and the divinity of our work, but he does not want to compromise the faith of his youth. We are working to help him understand we are doing our best to build the faith he already has in Christ. We received other miracles in Planning and Finding. Truly this is The Lord's work. I also love our District. Elder Arend leads our District in Love, and whenever I feel inadequate or need help in some way, my District always provides it when I need it most. I Love it here!

Thanks for everything!
Te Amo,

Elder Weaver

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saying Ola

October 21, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

Eu Te Amo, Muito, Sempre! Thank you for your lovely email. I am glad to hear you got to have a ladies' day out and everything is going well! Family History is the best!

We found out recently in Zone Council meeting that in this mission they will be rotating Zones throughout the mission to attend The Temple! I hope I get to go before I head down to Brazil. If not, then it's all right because it will be the will of The Lord. Some missionaries may get to go multiple times (depending on where they serve and if they get transferred) and some may not go at all, but at least this way some missionaries get to go. The House of The Lord is a Heaven on Earth.

I am glad to hear that you are rising the youth in ways of righteousness. There are so many youth today who are missing that strength in their lives. Elder Evans and I got to speak on Sunday about gathering the lost sheep. The high councilman, Brother Barber, who is over missionary work, spoke as well. Elder Evans said that one day he will return and hopes to see the whole chapel full. I would like the Wellington ward to have that day come too. We learned so much this week, (See my letter to the mission president.)

That is so sweet you got to hear from that Brazilian missionary and that the Batemans get to see their son!

Awwwww, thanks, Mom :) My Boy, Owl City! Brother Barber quoted one of the Prophets I think in his talk he mentioned how this life is not the real world, but the Celestial Kingdom is the real world. I thought of the song "The Real World" by Owl City. I Love that scripture, and that song. Till he returns, or calls us home, here in the power of Christ we'll stand. I am reminded of Moroni 10:32-33.

I hope your week is as good as mine has been or even better. I Love you all so much! Please send my Love to the Family.

Tudo Bem,

Elder Weaver

Letter To President Bell

October 21, 2013

RE: Letter To President Bell

President Bell,

We had 2 investigators at CHURCH!!! This has not happened during my service in Wellington thus far. Needless to say we were so excited to see Lancy and Kyle at Church.

Also, our Zone Leader Elder Johnson challenged us to get 2 member present lessons by the end of the week and we got 3! Brother Durbin (a recent convert) helped us teach Katy the first half of lesson 2 along with keeping the Sabbath Day holy and the Word of Wisdom. She committed to live both. She is still on date for November 9th. We discovered that the reason she has not been able to attend church is she does not want to go without Alvin who has been working. Alvin also expressed to us that he has hypertension and gets nervous in front of large groups of people. We encouraged him to come and he could sit in the foyer if that helped and he could attend our Sunday School class we teach which usually has few members (also, telling him our Ward has few numbers anyway and is not a very large group of people seemed to reassure him).

Last night we had an excellent member-present lesson with Richard and Bonnie teaching them about eternal families. The Brundages agreed to come with us and testified about how being sealed in the Temple for all eternity has blessed their lives. Richard agreed to attend church with us this Sunday. He also said he read the Introduction and first 2 or so pages of The Book of Mormon. Both of those are things he has never done since I have been here in Wellington.

We also did some service this week, helping Sister Goodenough (an active member) move. Also we helped the Rossmillers (a less-active family) move their daughter into a new house. We also saw Lydia (a less-active member) who agreed to let us return for more service next week.

Elder Arend and I went on a companion exchange, which went fantastic. Paul (a potential who is nearly impossible to catch at home) let us in for a quick discussion and we prayed with him. Also, we got a return appointment from Jared (another potential).

Elder Evans and I went to Attica this week, which was a place neither of us had been. We met a man named Marvin who had been married to a member before she passed away; he said he loved Church services. He would like to return, but says he does not want to make the far drive to Wellington. We are working on that.

Overall we saw many tiny miracles in planning, finding, and teaching that would never have been possible without the Spirit of the Lord. This is truly His Work. I am so glad to be here.

Com Amor,

Elder Weaver

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 14, 2013 Hello Monday!

ALOHA Family & Friends,

I feel bad I missed Grandma and Grandpa's Birthdays! I am glad you got my letter though. I know your efforts to participate in Family History will be added to you and will not come out vain. When you go to the Temple it will be so neat to find family names to do work for.

I cannot believe we've hit the apex of October almost. The harvest is great and the laborers are few.

In one of the Stake Conferences I attended recently, the hymn "We Are
Sowing" was sung. It applied to Kansas and missionary work so well. The
Temple President and Matron for this Temple District (Oklahoma City) were at those meetings and President and Sister Bell as well. I know I've said this before, but I Love President Bell, he is a stud, a wizard, and a star fighter. He told me the other day, "I probably shouldn't have favorites, but you are one of my favorites,” that made me feel good.  He told me he would be sad when I left for Brazil. I hope I can be worthy of those compliments. Sister Bell likewise said how she knows that she is not our Mother, but that she appreciates that our parents let us be put on loan for them. No one could ever replace my parents, but I'm glad the Lord placed them in my path to guide me and Love me on my journey.

I'm also excited to hear you got to Return to Sun River. I think that would be a lovely spot for another reunion. Hope that is fun!

Jessica emailed me and told me all she has left is the Stake President's recommendation. Sounds like she is so ready to serve. I am glad each of members, full times, and us has taken on the name of Christ, and am set-apart from the world. Whether by full-time calling, or baptism, or both, we are committed to serve The Master.

I am fortunate to have begun my study of Jesus The Christ. I have learned so much just from the first 80 pages or so I have read. I am glad you found strength from the scriptures. I loved the article you sent me. I don't currently subscribe to Church News. They give us the Ensign, but you don't need to order that for me because we are approved to use Lds.org on P-Day, which has articles from Church News in it. I appreciate it so much though.

Let me know what I can DO for You. I Love what was quoted in Conference about His yoke being easy, and His burden being light. We can truly learn of Him.

I am so grateful for your closing remarks; I will do my best to remain faithful. I send Love Your way and the families eternally. Keep up the stellar job!

Teu Filho,

Elder Weaver

October 14, 2013 Weekly Report to President Bell

President Bell,

This week we found 2 new investigators:

Sheryl and Forrest. They live next to a potential we had tried visiting but were not home. We had a lesson with them the day after we met them. A stellar lesson 1! They seemed touched by the Restoration. Sheryl has many questions about religion in general and we hope to answer them and help her find the answers as best we can. They both accepted the challenge to read and pray about The Book of Mormon. They did not make it to church but we will help them attend next week.

Alvin and Katy: Katy had to babysit her nephews all week and did not get a chance to read any more, but she promised to this week, and wants to meet with us again on Thursday. Alvin found work, which is great news, and hopefully they can come out to church as a result of that.

Richard has been making little to no progress and we are worried he does not have a desire to know of the Church's truthfulness.

Lancy: has still not been able to come to church (like all our investigators) but we plan on teaching him more about the Sabbath day since that was missing from his Teaching Record and we hope to see him later tonight to read the account of Ammon and King Lamoni since we thought it may be helpful to give him a deeper witness that God helps those who exercise faith in Him.

Those have been our main focuses lately. We keep trying to see Brenda, but we feel there is some trepidation she has in meeting with us, namely her brother being a devout Methodist minister, but we are doing everything we can to help her feel the Spirit so she can have a desire to meet with us and learn more.

Everything else is going great. The Lord has truly been good to us. We Love You!


Elder Weaver

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pics From The Mission

October 7, 2013

These pics are from our last Zone Meeting.  I'm going to miss Elder Stopper, but on the plus side we have Sister Beus in our District now who is a VISA waiter for Brazil, tambem!

Last Zone Meeting #1
Last Zone Meeting #2

Here are some pictures of the Lovely State of Kansas.

Sunset #1
Sunset #2
Sunset #3

These are pictures of some scripture boxes I made for my paperback proselyting scriptures.

Paperback Proselyting Scriptures #1
Paperback Proselyting Scriptures #2
Paperback Proselyting Scriptures #3

I Have Not Heard Anything Regarding My VISA

Dear Family & Friends,

As far as clothes go, I think I'm fine. There's a thrift store in Wellington I can get another suit coat if I need it. Thank you though and I will let you know if things get cold. It just barely started cooling down. The weather has been 80-100 degrees every day until about the last few days. It feels nicer now that it is starting to cool down now.

I have not heard anything regarding my VISA. We shall see. That is right. I LOVED Conferencia Geral! I really loved when Elder Nelson said, "You never stop being a Child of God." These men are truly prophets of God. I can't believe today is President Monson's wedding anniversary. We didn't have a lot at the church, only 3 others. But hopefully some of our investigators watched it online! I also loved all of the talks (there were quite a few), which spoke on the separate, yet complementary, roles of men and women, and how EACH is vital to the other. Putting God FIRST was also another common theme that stood out to me. The best part of conference is not listening to it, but living it now that we have received it.

Also, this week, we went up to Wichita on Transfer Day because they wanted us to trade in our truck. We got a new 2014 Chevy Cruze, light gold. We named her Sadie :) I got to see Elder Holbrook and other missionaries again, which was nice. President Bell gave each of us a big hug, too.

Yes, there are so many missionaries out now! The emphasis on missionary work from this conference was awesome, too!

Yep, that's Elder Evans, ha ha. I'm glad the youth got to go to the Temple. They need to go as much as they possibly can. I Love how President Packer said that we wish the youth didn't have to grow up in a world like this, and yet he spoke of how optimistic and happy he is for the future. May we have such faith. I also, know what President Uchtdorf said is true. We must always doubt our doubts before we doubt our faith.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to study Jesus The Christ. I have truly drawn nearer to my Savior. I often wondered why He has so many names, and Elder Talmage talks about how each name the Savior is a title he has for his different roles. He has done so many different things for us. I know he Lives. I testify alongside the centurion when I say, "Truly this was the Son of God."

I Love each of you. May the Good Lord bless and keep you, that He may seal you forever His, and we may see each other and be together at that day is my humble prayer.

Te Amo,

Elder Tecelao (Weaver)

Here Is My Report Letter To President Bell 10-7-2013

President Bell,

This week had some great blessings!

Katy: Our new investigator accepted the invitation to be baptized on November 9th after being taught lesson 1!!! She read all the way to 2 Nephi 16 between visits and said she feels good about what she read and we taught. She will continue to read and pray this week! We know the Lord is so excited for her.

Richard: Moving along slowly, but surely. He watched part of Conference with his wife, Bonnie. He said he liked the speakers and we testified of modern prophets and priesthood authority. He said he will read and pray on his own this week. He has been moved off baptismal date, until he keeps more of his commitments.

Lancy: He's been feeling sick, but we shared a little about Conference and he agreed to watch some of it on his own. He still struggles with overcoming certain Word of Wisdom issues, but he still has a sincere desire to be baptized. We plan on reading Alma 17 with him and sharing how God works by miracles. Hopefully that will help him take the leaps of faith he needs.

Brenda: Unfortunately Brenda was sick when we stopped by, but we will try her again this week.

I Love being a missionary. I know I say this in every letter, but I Love being in the Kansas Wichita Mission!  The greatest mission in the world (until I get my Visa).

Thank you for all you and Sister Bell Do!

Te Amamos

Elder Weaver

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I Do Live With Members

September 30, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

I do live with members. They're called the Brundages. They are lovely people. So nice, and they're both converts with super solid testimonies. The work is progressing all right. I think, and Elder Evans has expressed the same sentiment, that a big part of my work here is not only working with investigators and less-active members, but also working with the Ward. We are probably verging on being a Branch again, but we won't let that happen! Our Ward, I feel, has desires to be missionaries and hasten the work, but they don't know how. In response to this, Elder Evans and I held a special missionary training on the 5th Sunday (yesterday) with the approval of the Bishop. In fact I explain that a little in my letter to President Bell, here:

“President Bell,

Elder Evans and I are Loving being missionaries in the Wellington Ward! As we stated in our 12-Week Call-In, our biggest accomplishment lately (and probably this transfer) has been a combined Relief Society/Priesthood missionary training we held yesterday. Elder Evans and I had felt strongly about this meeting for a few weeks and it took time to plan during our companionship studies. We both felt very guided by The Spirit as we conducted this meeting. The idea was just to get members excited about being Missionaries. We showed them the District training video "The Importance of Members" to emphasize how vitally we value their missionary efforts. There was a lot of class participation during our discussions. We also asked Sister Lawrence, to participate in a role-play with us where she invited her friend to attend a Relief Society activity. She did an excellent job, and everyone benefited from seeing her practice her faith to invite friends to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. After this meeting we had about 6 people ask us for Books of Mormon and/or pamphlets they could hand out to their friends or referred us to less-active members or others we should see. Ultimately, we felt The Holy Ghost testify to us that what we did was right with this meeting.
We also have some new investigators: Katy a girlfriend of Alvin Crippen who is a less-active member referred to us by Brother Albert. She had actually been bugging Alvin to take her to the Mormon Church because she says she has tried and not liked every other Church, so we are working with them! Shauna is another investigator we met last night. Says she doesn't really understand why God allowed her Father to die. We taught part of the plan of salvation. We will see her again on Thursday to share that lesson more fully. Brenda is not technically a new investigator because it is difficult to set a definite return appointment with her schedule, but we drop in when we can. Richard, and Mario and Christy, and Lancy are not really keeping all of their commitments to read, pray, and come to church, but they read a little on their own, and in our visits they seem to be opening up to us more. Some progress is better than none, I guess. We've also been meeting with less-active and members such as Sister Shaw, Sister Goodenough, and The Maxwells trying to booster their faith in Christ and commitment to come to Church and share the gospel.

Como Sempre, Te Amo!

Elder Weaver”

Sorry to hear it's been icky for you. And I appreciate Nanie telling me that. It matters to me because it matters to her. You get up at 3 to exercise?  That's so much dedication. My exercise regiment sometimes consists of me getting up at 6:30 AM moving to the couch for a few minutes and then yelling "GET CUT! EH!" as I run and jump on the pull-up bar after 3 pull-ups. I need to be better about the whole exercise thing. Yes, we are going to our building where the Ward meets in Wellington (about 20 minutes from where I live) to see Conference! Yes, we as missionaries get the Ensign sent to us it may come a week or two late or early, but it always comes :) Thanks; I'll have to check those articles out! I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE! It is hard for me to believe that the Conference where the age-change was lowered enabling me to submit my mission paper work sooner happened a year ago. It does not seem like a year ago that I was sitting on Brad's couch in my pajamas eating a bowl of cereal as I watched a smile crack upon the face of the Lord's anointed servant as he informed the world that this marvelous change would take place. I erupted into tears answering affirmatively every phone call that came directly after that announcement was made. I just want to (even though I know I can't do it enough) emphasize how REAL this is. I am glad to read you are teaching from "Come Follow Me" those young women will value your testimony forever, even if they don't realize that now. They will. Those points from Preach My Gospel are so important. Success is not measured in numbers, but by those things. When you feel The Spirit working through you to bring others closer to Christ, which is when you know you are doing your job. That applies not only to full-time missionaries, but all members. Thank you so much for your letter. I loved hearing your comforting words and seeing the letter Elder Cervantes sent you. I know his name will be had in fame in my journal when my children ask me one day about my mission and life and how I came to be the way I was today. His name shall have a place of prominence that I know my children and myself will be grateful for forever. I Love All Of You. One Hymn I have been singing a lot lately is "Love At Home." While true, I am far from home, Elder Evans and I are in a home of our own, and when there is Love At Home the whole world is filled with Love. That is so important. We do need to have the name of Christ written permanently written on our hearts. I pray for each and every one of you every day. I Love You. Another hymn I have been singing is "Lead, Kindly Light." The night is dark and I am far from Home. I used to Love to see my way, but now: Lead Thou Me ON! And of course, another song I have been singing is, "Homeward Bound." I am so glad you all have "Set me free to find my calling." I know I shall "Return to You Somehow" and we will be better for it. God wants us to have Joy :)

Fique Bom!

Com Amor, Sempre, E Nas Eternidades,

Elder Weaver