Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Week Was A Race and Great!

September 22, 2014

Letter To Mission President
Nossa semana foi corrida e ótima! Tivemos varias lições com membros. Nossos pesquisadores Rafaela, Gabriel, e Laura foram em uma atividade da Igreja com outros jovens e fizeram muita amizade. Eles vão na Igreja esse Domingo e nós vamos marcar uma data por eles a serem batizados logo depois as Reuniões. Eles são bem especiais. Vamos continuar trabalhar com Gezieu, Mateus, e Jean. Encontramos uma Josiana também essa semana que vamos tentar marcar data juntos com o esposo dela.

(Google Translation)
Our week was a race and great! We had several lessons with members. Our investigators Rafaela, Gabriel, and Laura were in a Church activity with other young people and made lots of friends. They will be in Church this Sunday and we will arrange a date to be baptized soon after the meetings. They are very special. We will continue working with Gezieu, Matthew, and Jean. We found a Josiana also this week we'll try to score date together with her ​​husband.

Dear Family & Friends,

We found a really sweet family. They will hopefully get married soon and we want to host the party at the Church for them! It might not happen until next transfer, but we'll see.

I am glad to hear action is being taken to take technology back from the Clutches of Satan and being used the right way. I heard a really good CES Devotional from Elder M. Russell Ballard about this. He talked about how we should hold regular personal interviews with ourselves. He also mentioned how technology should be our SERVANTS not our MASTERS. He mentioned how right now technology was being his servant helping him deliver a beautiful gospel message, but how if he was not careful it could easily become his master wasting much of his time. It was way good you may consider using it to instruct the Youth of Zion.

I am glad to hear Allison and Cathy will get to smell the fresh Idaho air! My only advice to Allison is for her to enjoy herself. She is so caring and thoughtful of others that oft times she forgets about the things she needs. Tell her it is okay and actually necessary for her to have fun while she is at school. One of my favorite scriptures of all time is found in Proverbs 4:7 and it says, "...with all they getting get understanding..." She will need to study and be serious of course, but she will also need to not miss out on the friends and fun that will make her stay not just a journey, but also an adventure.

Thank you for your bright thoughts. Ashley and I wouldn't have gotten very far without our Family. You were/are OUR missionaries. We first learned the gospel from you and Dad. And we are your most devoted Recent Converts. Some people say that we are wasting our time, young, and here while we could be in work or school. There is no better way I could be using my time, than in the service of the Lord. There is nothing that is better than the best. And if we lose ourselves we will find ourselves. We are God's "Big Project", His Work and His Glory.

I will send more pictures.

I have made some new friends. It is difficult. I am trying to think of a way to describe all of this when I get home, but I'm sure the Lord will give me the words when the time is right.

Thank you for Your Help in School.

Thank you for who you are! :)


Élder Weaver

As for me and my House, we will serve The Lord.

The secretaries invited us to
their PDay in Vila Velha.
Elder's Johnson, Silva, and Garcia.
Also Elder's Weaver and Ferreira.
Vila Velha
Vila Velha
My buddy Leonardo
At a meeting we had with our awesome
Ward Mission Leader, Acacio

Acacio showed me a
crazy way to tie my tie.
Elder Ferreira & Elder Weaver

Elder Mortensen & Elder Weaver

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