Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We Organized Our House And It Is All Nice n' Perty

September 8, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Essa semana foi muita corrigida com a mudança de casa e tudo mas conseguimos mais lições com membro que era minha meta! Pessoas Principais: Mateus, Michele, Gesieu, e Arlette. Vamos ensinar a importância da Reunião Sacramental para que eles possam ir na Igreja.

(Google Translation)
This week was much corrected by moving house and everything but we got more lessons with a member that was my goal! Matthew, Michele, Gesieu, and Arlette: Key people. We will teach the importance of Sacrament Meeting so they can go in the Church.

We have 2 companionships assigned to the ward (4 missionaries) so, there area is divided and isn't quite as big as it looks on the map, but it's still got a bit of people to choose from. We moved houses finally so; I'll have to show you the pictures after we organize the house all-nice 'n perty.

That's sweet! Maybe her ancestors were converted by Dan Jones. He's a stud missionary from back in the day! I hope she's still in the ward when I get back.

Yay! I'm glad there getting settled and you should send pictures when you get a chance! Yeah, you guys will never get old and certainly not crochety.

That's good. We had some light rain and clouds these days. With a good breeze at night, so I don't even need to keep the fan going which is nice. Yeah, my companion's English is way good! His vocabulary is limited but the things he can say he manages to say with little or no accent.

Way to go, Paul! I'm very happy for him. That would be a fun visit!
That activity is a good idea to teach the standards in For The Strength of Youth.

Yeah, if you could film or at least voice record Dad's voice for the event that would be hilarious! Yeah, Dad's pictures are a blast, and I'll reveal some of them down here to show you when I get home. Yes, use your counselors!!! That is what they are there for. They will be a great source of strength. The Ward Bishopric here was reorganized yesterday, which was way special.

Yay! That will be a great experience for them. Tell me how it goes.

I Love Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin. He is a marvelous man. The more I read from him, the more I understand that the Quorum of the Twelve is made up of simple, humble men with an extraordinary calling to bear particular and special witness of the Savior in ways that no one else can.

Thank You for bringing us into the world. No one else can be You or take your place. Just remember that we are really still close.

I pray for our eternal reunion in the celestial kingdom and look forward to the steps we will make along the way.

With Love,

Elder Weaver

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