Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Yesterday, For Instance, Was A Miracle

October 27, 2014

Mission President Letter

Essa semana foi bem especial! Gisele, Pedro, Andrea, e Rebecca estavam na Igreja! Andrea e a filha dela Rebecca vão ser batizadas esse Sábado! Eles mostraram um arrependimento sincero e tiverem experiências bem especiais no Evangelho. Vamos continuar ajudar eles e encontrar mais novos pessoas a ajudar.

Google Translation

This week was pretty special! Gisele, Peter, Andrea and Rebecca were in church! Andrea and her daughter Rebecca will be baptized this Saturday! They showed a sincere repentance and have special experiences in the Gospel as well. We will continue to help them and find more new people to help.

Dear Family & Friends,

Some areas do get way into it, but I think around here it's not too big. Hahaha! I'm glad y'all get the quadruple "F"! We are going to enjoy a family night I think on Halloween, but it won't be for the holiday.

I am grateful that Jessica gets to be home during this time. She has such a bright smile and helpful spirit. She was there when I entered the MTC.
Planning is vital.

Yesterday, for instance, was a miracle. We needed Andrea and Rebecca to come to Stake Conference. They might have come anyway, but we arranged a member to drive them in the rain. I couldn't understand everything he said, because the rain was so loud, and I'm not a native speaker, but he showed up in the nick of time. She has quit coffee and wants to be baptized with her daughter. She has had marvelous spiritual experiences including dreams and she is progressing well.

The Church is rolling forth like the stone that was cut out of the mountain without hands. And will continue so on. And on.

I do! Yes, I hear from Steven and Michael just about every week. That will be good for Jake to go to school! I am excited for him. I heard from McKay Noll this week as well! I do hear from Elder Cervantes every once in a while. And Elder Chun from Kansas Guys. You have to meet him when he gets home. He is HILARIOUS! Like almost as funny as Ashley and Allison.

Thanks for the package!!! I'll let you know when it comes in!!!
So, I had my Ecclesiastical Endorsement from President today, and I hope to get it all sent in ASAP! I will try and get the Transcripts in as well. If I need help I will let you know! Thanks! I am so excited that I can be applying to BYU!

I had a dream that I had an interview with the Savior this week. He had on a white and purple robe. For some reason we were in the Primary room. He told me that everything would be okay.  He Did Love Us First,

If The Savior Stood Beside Me Would I Do The Things I Do?


Élder Weaver

At District Meeting

Off to the right it says, "The Mission Will Be Fulfilled!"

Mom, you will laugh at how I still sleep like this sometimes...
my companion took a pic of me sleeping 
like this and was confused so he asked me about it later.

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