Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Conference Weekend Was Inspiring!

October 7, 2014

Mission President Letter

Essa semana foi ótima! Tivemos Isabela, Gezieu, Gabriel, Rafaela, Laura, Gisele, Sérgio, and Vanilda na Conferência Geral. Isabela mora na Colatina, e eu vou passar o nome dela hoje para os secretários. Vou continuar trabalhar. Eu tenho que fazer a vontade do Senhor.

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This week was great! We had Isabela, Gezieu, Gabriel, Rafaela, Laura, Gisele, Sergio, and Vanilda at General Conference. Isabela lives in Colac, and I will pass her name today to the Secretaries. I will continue to work. I have to do the Lord's will.

Dear Family & Friends,

Conference weekend was inspiring. I had the privilege of seeing my good friend Elder Capawana from my MTC District. The talks were very inspired. I didn't make all of the sessions because I had to find people to bring, but of the ones I saw, I enjoyed. I couldn't watch in English this time, but that's okay, I felt the Spirit still and understood most everything I heard.  I cannot care about what other people will think of me (not even those whom I Love, my family), or how they will take it or if they will understand...I can only do the Will of the Lord.  No matter what happens, just know that is what I will do. I too liked Elder Nelson's emphasis on the sustaining of Church leaders. Haha, Brigham Young said that music is a gift from The Lord. It doesn't make sense to me that Heaven would exist without music.

Today, was something special. The mother of those 3 children who got baptized, Gisele, entered the Courthouse with Pedro (the Dad) to begin their marriage process! My companion (Elder Ferreira) was Pedro's witness. Elizabeth (Gisele's best friend) was her witness. Elizabeth is dating a man from England and speaks English fluently with him. She lives in Vila Velha and will be receiving visits from the missionaries shortly.

Elder Godoy's talk was very funny! Everyone laughed when he shared the story about how he had a job interview and it came down to him and 3 other people. "Yeah, the other 2 are children of very important people." Then he replied, "Oh, ok. But I'm a child of GOD!" Hahahahahaha. Everyone had a hoot and a half over that one.

The session with Elder Bednar was also the one where most of my investigators showed up. He spoke directly to them. It was great!

Something that I think will unify our family, and already has, is Family History. I never got genealogy before my mission, but everything makes clearer sense now. We need them. And they need us. And we all need Heavenly Father. I look forward to redeeming our dead when I get home, and in the meantime, I know that a diligent family treasure hunt would invite the Spirit greatly into the Weaver home in Salem, Oregon.

How's Josh? I hope all is well. And if not, it will be, soon.
I prayed for him this week.

I had a good visit  with my Mission President this week as well.
Things that didn't make much sense before are being brought to light. My mind is clear. My heart is afraid, but, "...I know in whom I have trusted." 2 Nephi 4:17-19

Élder Weaver

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