Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It Was So Good To See All Of You One Last Time On Skype!

December 29, 2014

Dear Familía & Friends,

It was so good to see all of you one last time on the Skype ;) For, the next time will be in person :)

Mission President Letter
Joaquim foi confirmado e ele falou como ele sentiu O Santo Espírito do Senhor descer sobre ele. A gente vai focalizar bastante em achar novos pesquisadores. E aqueles que nós temos vamos ajudar eles a cumprirem os compromissos deles. Esse Domingo Everton e Ana devem estar na Reunião Sacramental.

Google Translation
Joaquim was confirmed and he spoke as he felt the Spirit of the Holy Ghost descending upon him. We will focus rather on finding new researchers. And those that we have we will help them to fulfill their commitments. This Sunday Everton and Ana should be in Sacrament Meeting.

It was good to talk it all out with you guys! There aren't any other people I trust as much as the members of my family! :) You really are THE BEST!
I ended up speaking on Genesis 22 and the great sacrifice that Abraham made of his son Isaac. It didn't seek in before, but I learned that Moriah, the land where that sacrifice was made, is the same place where Jesus Christ was Crucified (Golgotha). The name only changed because of the great difference in time. Each of us should make a sacrifice to show our love for God this New Year!

We have to go home at 7 o clock, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!
Yes! I loved to see Ashley as well. That was a once in a lifetime experience! :)  I am so glad you got to see Grandma and Grandpa! Please send them my Love! I hope to see them soon, too!

And send Josh my Love. I have been praying for him. I Love him.

I hope Allison Loves it! She will. This is good. As Angels and Airwaves once put it, "...sometimes it comes with a Shove..." :) Allison will thank you for all of your tender nudging down the road, because that is your purpose as parents. To set your children on a course that will lead them back to their Heavenly Father. Bishop Porter told me that once.  And thank you for your help on setting goals! I will certainly apply this to 2015! This year will be the best one yet!

I Love each of you so much. And boy do I have stories to tell you when I get back. As Gadalf said, "You'll have a tail or two to tell by the time you come back."
Bilbo, "But you never promised that I would come back."
Gandalf, "No, and if you do...you will NOT be the same!" :)

You have probably noticed, but...
I am not the same.
Not completely.


Elder Weaver

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