Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Transfers Was This Week, But Everyone Stayed!!!

December 15, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter:
Dayene, Dayara, Chayene, Shayara, Isabela, e Joacim estavam na Igreja!!! Joacim vai ser batizado esse Domingo e nós vamos convidar Iago ser batizado esse Domingo também! Eu amo ver os filhos de Pai Celestial arrependendo para ser batizados. Nós estamos muitos animados para batizar essa transferência!

Goggle Translation:

Dayene, Dayara, Chayene, Shayara, Isabela, and Joacim were in the Church! Joacim will be baptized this Sunday and we will invite Iago to be baptized this Sunday too! I love to see Heavenly Father's children to be baptized and repenting. We are very excited to baptize this transfer!

So, Transfers was this week, but everyone stayed!!! I get to train still. And Elder Bean is a great District Leader.

Yay! I Love That Movie!!! I got a letter from the Potts! Please thank them for me! I need to reply today to them. And I am glad you got to join in the rescue. We are all dear to the heart of The Shepherd.

This Sunday the Elders Quorum President asked what Christmas traditions we had to remember the Savior, and I talked about how my mother always put Nativities throughout the house and Dad would read the passage in Luke about The Birth.

What a wonderful opportunity you had to juxtapose two very different Christmas events. How bright is the contrast between a work Christmas party and a Christmas Activity of the Church! We also had a Zone Christmas Party, which was awesome. I got sunburned! hahaha playing volleyball. We watched an adorable video of these Brazilian children re-enacting the nativity story. I'll have to send you the link.

Also, Pedro and Gisele held their Wedding Reception at the Church. There was a huge turnout. People from out of state came including her parents. And I even got to speak English with some dude from England. We took pictures, which are on her camera so; I'll forward them as soon as I can. Everything was perfect! I didn't get to sing like they wanted because the microphone wasn't working...saved by the bell! Haha. But seriously it was awesome! Gisele told me in 1 year they will go to the temple to be sealed as a family. They invited me to attend if at all possible. I Love fading into the background to notice how the gospel transforms people's lives. We really did nothing. We just invited. They were the ones who made the changes and it was The Savior who atoned for them.

Hahaha, oh Dad. I'm glad you guys got a visit from a Seventy! Yeah, Sundays offer a different sort of work than the rest of the week.

You got it! I'll try and shop for a Presépio today!

As for now the plan is to spend Christmas at Acassio's. We will probably Skype from there after lunch about 2 a clock our time, but I am not sure. Is it possible for Ashley and I to speak with each other? If you know her schedule please let me know! :)

Thank you for your kind words.  I am just trying to do The Will of The Lord.
I am not sure what will happen, but I hope you know that whatever happens, my only desire in all of these things I've done has been to bring honor to My Heavenly Father, second to my family, and then to the Stake which I represent which is the Salem, Oregon Stake.

Merry Christmas,


Élder Weaver

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