Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mama I Love You, Mama I Love You, My Heavenly Father Sent Me To You!

January 19, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Mamãe eu te amo, Mamãe eu te amo, Meu Pai Celeste mandou-me a ti,

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Mama I love you, Mama I love you, My Heavenly Father sent me to you,

Mission President Letter
Essa semana foi boa. Élder Barros e eu estamos trabalhando muito para achar mais novos pesquisadores. Um membro deu bastante referências para a gente! Vamos contatar e batizar o máximo possível dessas.

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This week was good. Elder Barros and I are working hard to find young researchers. A member gave enough references to us! We will contact and baptize as much as possible of these.

Mom, THANK YOU SO MUCH for checking on that stuff for BYU for me! I LOVE YOU! :) You really are the best!

I will authorize you as my best mother ever so that you can look up housing and things!!! :))) Thank You so much. If it becomes really expensive, I can live in a tent. Dad taught me how to live in the WILD!

You always help me, even if we are worlds away. I can hide halfway around the world, but I can never hide from my mommy! ;)

I will pray for Allison. Everything will be all right. With you two as her parents she can't go wrong.

Hahaha, Elder Stilson had us do exercises and my arms were singing. But I think last week I was whipped just emotionally and physically from the normal labor. But P-Day helps to get ready for the next week! :)

That's too bad about Oregon; I was actually hoping they would win. Oh well, there's always next year!

I am still praying for Josh. I know everything will be all right. We just need faith.

I am in Cariacica! It is beautiful at night! I'll take more pictures this week. My Ward Mission Leader said I could stay at their house if I ever return to Brazil, hahaha.

This week was awesome. We had a ward activity and the ward mission was in charge. It was hilarious. It was called "Show do Mormão". We had trivia questions about the gospel and secular knowledge. And in between there were games and tests of strength. Elder Bean took a video of Bishop trying to pop a balloon blind-folded. I'll have to get a copy. We all wore our hipster glasses it was hilarious.

Jake is good. He has a new girlfriend and it sounds like she treats him well. He is taking some classes online I think but wants to enter the classroom pretty soon.

A BAND?! That's pretty sweet, not gonna lie.

Thank you for those scriptures. I think I am fine :) Anything I need I will let you know. I Love You! :) :) :)

Remember, The Lord suffered beneath all things. And most certainly, we are not greater than He. He is our big brother and we shouted for joy when we knew HE would be our Savior.


Elder Weaver

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