Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I Am Not Trunky; I have Plenty To Do Still!

January 26, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Elder Barros e eu estamos achando bastante novos. Os membros estão dando muitas referências também! A gente vai contatar todos possíveis! O Bispo conhece um rapaz com muito interesse em ser batizado. Ele foi na Igreja ontem e a gente vai ensinar ele a manhã! Eu acho que ele tem potencial a ser batizado essa transferência ainda!

Google Translation

Elder Barros and I are thinking fairly new. The members are giving many references too! We will contact all possible! The Bishop knows a guy with great interest in being baptized. He was in church yesterday and we will teach him in the morning! I think he has the potential to be baptized this transfer yet!

I know! They called me too about the flight plans! As The Mormon Tabernacle Choir once put it: "Home is a special kind of feeling!"

However, I am not trunky ;) I have plenty to do still. "...They are seeking to be brave they have precious souls to save..." As Eliza R. Snow put it.

Thanks for checking on that BYU stuff for me.

Wow, sounds like they are pumped for the Super Bowl! Here, they always let fireworks off whenever a game is played. They even let fireworks off after Brazil lost to Germany, hahaha!

Yes, I have. Everyone refers to it this way. When you start your mission you are "born" in an area and then you "die" when you go home. And when you train you refer to your trainees as "son" or "daughter". Likewise your trainer is "dad" or "mom". My Dad is Elder Holbrook and I have 2 sons, Elder Johnson and Elder Barros. Also when I was in the MTC the president there paraphrased The Book of Mormon saying, "And that same spirit which doth possess your body here in the MTC will be in you when you go off into your mission fields!"

Yeahh! I remember one time Jason took us to a similar place called "Sky High" I think, in Portland. I have been explaining Oregon to my son. He thinks it's hilarious.

I LOVE PATRIARCHS!!! Joaquim was actually friend of our Stake Patriarch. Patriarch Samuel is his name. He lives in our Ward, Cariacica. I almost have completed 6 months here. I truly love this area.

That is sweet! I didn't hear about that! Wyoming Mormon Trail Mission!? :) Que legal, parece como uma notícia que o trabalho está continuando!  Google Translation: That's cool; it seems like a story that work is continuing!

Thank You for your comments :) I cannot wait for Wiliane to go on a mission, and Cleiton, and then to see Penha and Manoel get married, and in one year Pedro, Gisele, Rafaela, Gabriel, and Laura will be sealed as a family! :) Andreia will go to the temple in one year and Rebeca will continue in the Primary! :) Bishop said that this Sunday he would interview Joaquim to receive the Aaronic Priesthood! :)

A little bit later Elder Barros and I will go on a visit with Irmão Felipe to visit Penha. Pray that it goes well! We will teach her the first lesson about The Restoration.

I wouldn't be here on the earth if it wasn't for my Mother and Father. I Love you both! Just a little longer.

I only hope to have made you pleased with me.

All The World Is Filled With Love, When There's Love At Home,


Élder Weaver

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