Monday, February 16, 2015

The Coldest I Think I've Ever Seen It Was 17 or 18 Celsius or 62.6 Degrees

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Nossa semana foi ótima! Joaquim recebeu O Sacerdócio Aaronico. A gente vai marcar uma data com Lorrainy, Adriana e Gilson. Vamos trabalhar com força!

Google Translation

Our week was great! Joaquim received Aaronic Priesthood. We will arrange a date with Lorrainy, Adriana and Gilson. We will work hard!

Visa's all taken care of! I'm good to go! Got it renewed.

The coldest I think I've ever seen it was like 17 or 18 degrees like 62.6 Farenheit. Elder Branco said he was "freezing" hahaha.

Yeah, so plans changed and President approved us to email on P-Day!!! Yay :)

Thanks Mom! I'll be sure to dig around my desk when I get home. I am so glad the Church has made such good use of technology.

I am glad she is doing better! I Love Her so much! I am here for anything you all need!

I looked again on BYU, but still no word. I hope I am looking on the right part.

I am glad the sister was able to be baptized!

Boy do I have stories to tell! Dad will have a good laugh at least. I just hope you all know I am doing what I feel is best.

Whoa! Aguiar is a Brazilian last name, too, I think!

Thanks for the scripture. It was sweet!

I found something awesome in my personal study:

An article about teaching your kids about dating. So, when Ashley and I get home, we should try this for one of our Family Home Evenings. I think it would be hilarious! Because...well we are arriving at that age you know...we'll need to be ready know...get married and stuff.

Sorry it's short. Next week will be better with the crazy stories from Carnaval! haha.

I Love You,

Elder Weaver

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