Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I'm Very Happy To Stay In Cariacica For Another Transfer!!!

February 2, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Eu estou muito feliz para ficar em Cariacica por mais uma transferência!!! Eu senti O Espírito Santo muito forte ontem a noite no Batismo. Espero que eu possa ser útil para Deus ainda aqui. Essa semana Lorraine (filha de um menos ativo) estava na Igreja e nós vamos começar ensinar ela O Evangelho Restaurado! Ela mora num bairro longe, mas eu acho que dá para marcar uma data para o batismo!

Google Translation
I'm very happy to stay in Cariacica for another transfer!!! I felt the Holy Spirit very strong last night at the Baptism. I hope I can be useful to God still here. This week Lorraine (daughter of a less active) was at Church and we'll start teaching her the Restored Gospel! She lives in a neighborhood away, but I think we will to set a date for baptism!

Ahhh, thank you! 21 is so...OLD! Ewwww. :) But that's okay.

February 7th? No, it's not a coincidence. Actually coincidences aren't real. Brother May, a leader of mine from the MTC, once told me that coincidences don't exist. It's a myth. A word we use to describe something that isn't real. Everything happens for a reason.

Send The Pukahi's, Trish's Family, and all of the Weavers my Love, please.
Elder Weaver, Joaquim and Elder Barros
I attached some photos of Joaquim the legend of 71 years old. Bishop is going to interview him this week to receive the Aaronic Priesthood.

I'm glad to hear Allison is feeling better! I'll talk to her in a little bit. I am glad.

Thank you for your thoughts!!! President Packer holds a special place in my heart. Truly the feelings of regret can be washed away through the operation of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In one of the Ensigns you sent me I read a story about fireflies. The author became disoriented one day in South America. He saw a firefly and thought it was the North Star...(yeah the North Star does not appear in South America, only the Southern Cross and others). He compared that to obstacles and temptations how; we must not be deceived by what is up close for those things, which matter most. Things far beyond, even eternal things.

Yesterday was a special, landmark day. Pedro received the Melchizedek Priesthood and shortly after he came to our Chapel in Cariacica and baptized his brother in law. President and Sister Young were there in time to make the ordinance. He gave me a big hug. It felt nice. My joy was bursting over. Like Ammon, I felt my joy exhaust and exceed my strength. Although Gisele and Pedro live in the Sister's area now, I know the Lord will take care of them. Gisele is on the activities committee and Gabriel has received the Aaronic Priesthood if I am not mistaken. The Lord knows the end from the beginning! In one year they will go to the Temple and be sealed as a family. And it all started by a simple, faith-filled street contact. Imagine if fear would have gotten the best of us? You just have to open your mouth. I do not say this to receive recognition, but rather to express my gratitude and infinite Love for my Father in Heaven. He has been so good to me and to my friends.

After the baptism there was a sweet multi-stake training meeting. I saw youth, adults, and friends I had served with in Serra and Colatina! They surprised me. It was great to reunite in Cariacica.

Now, I must go, but I hope to return better than I left. I will make 21 the best year so far. Thank you for starting this Journey with me.

Your Son,

Élder Weaver

Doctrine and Covenants 130:2

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