Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Love Being A Missionary!

August 5, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

I Love Being A Missionary! This week I got to teach a man named Jin Hao. He's Chinese but he goes by Johnny. We met at the Church and did a church tour after the first lesson. During the lesson, he said he didn't feel anything yet as we described the spirit, but hopefully as he listens closely he will discover what the Spirit is. I invited him to be baptized and he committed to work towards the date of August 31st! We'll continue doing our best to help him progress. Sister Harris' kids are still preventing her baptism. A phone call from one of you would probably go a long way. Boney told us he wants to be baptized! But, he is going to pray about a date. He told us he wants his kids to be baptized in our church and as he thought about that, he realized if it would be good for his kids, than it would be right for him, too!!! So exciting! I have been working with him since my first day here in Kansas.

Someone from my MTC district (Elder Clay McKnight) got his Visa for Brazil. So he'll be there soon if he's not there already. Also, I found out that Elder Holbrook's best friend, Elder Bybee is awaiting a Visa for Brazil as well, and he'll be serving in Vitoria, also.

Yesterday at Church, Sister Howard couldn't understand much of the gospel principles lesson (we meet on the stage and since all of the sound goes straight into the gym it was hard for her to pick up what was said even with her hearing aid) so she asked me to interpret for her. I had forgotten so much of my ASL, but it was nice to practice again, and she told me that she really appreciated the help. Also, during Language study, Sister Tenney and I got to teach a mock lesson to Sister McKay (who speaks Spanish and could understand mostly). It was the first role-play I had done since the MTC that was effective. We were both excited to practice, since we don't get much practice speaking just reading in the apartment.

I am so happy to be here at this time. I cannot wait to participate in more miracles and tender mercies of the Lord.

Com Amor,

Elder Weaver

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