Thursday, December 19, 2013

Transfer To Vitoria

December 18, 2013

Hi Family & Friends,

We did not get an email from Austin this week, but even better....he called and we were able to chat for a bit while he was on a long layover in Atlanta.  He flew from Atlanta tonight to Sao Paulo and then from there, he took another flight to Vitoria.  He sounded awesome and so excited to get down there.  He is sure going to miss his last mission president.  It was cute, he said President Bell said when he was driving him to the airport, he felt like he was taking his own son to the airport for his mission.  Very sweet!  He was traveling with a small group, which I am thrilled about and seemed to be in very good spirits.  What a joy it has been to hear of his experiences thus far.  He was supposed to get down there on Tuesday morning, but one great thing...we get to talk with him once again on Christmas hopefully.  I hope he will have connections to do Skype, Face Time or something like that.  

Missionary work is awesome and it continues to go forth everywhere!

Kristin Weaver (Momma)

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