Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Yes, Everything Was Fantastic!

My New Room Mate, Elder Rinehardt

February 3, 2013

To Family & Friends,

Yes, everything was fantastic! Thank you for forwarding all of those letters from the ward. I will work on responding to them today. And I'm going to put The Winnie The Pooh puzzle together :)! And, no, I don't think anyone opened it up. It's hard to believe Allison and I will be 20 this week. This year will be very special to me because 2014, and my 20th year, will be the one year of my life completely spent in missionary service. Yeah, I think this is Allison and I's first birthday apart.

I'm glad Ashley got to hear Sister Kapp Perry. I know she is doing well. I Love being a missionary! When we were in the MTC we sang the songs of Janice Kapp Perry, with her singing along, it was very powerful. During Army of Helaman we sang "...and we are Now the Lord's Missionaries, We'll bring the world His Truth." Muito Chique.

Haha, I'm glad the Seahawks won.

My hat goes off to Dad. The LA airport is a joke. So crazy! But I know he'll do great.

Thank You for the quote I will reflect on it much.

One of my favorite Church-produced movies is "To This End Was I Born" and we got to watch it during our Christmas party in Kansas. Elder Sutherland, a missionary who served in Wellington also, told me that he knows many of the actors in that movie because they're from his stake in California. He told me during the Crucifixion scene the mob couldn't shout "Crucify Him!" so they actually shout "Crysanthemum, Crysanthemum!" because the actors couldn't bring themselves to shout their line. I've been thinking a lot about Him.

If you ever miss me, if you're ever thinking about me, if you want to send me a message about how much you Love me, be a missionary. I'm not saying you need to wear a badge and be "full-time" but be a missionary everyday and lift where you stand. Even if what you have to lift is a mini-cross. Elder Holland said during a seminar for new mission presidents, "When you're missionaries say, 'President, why aren't people just flocking to the baptismal font? Why aren't they embracing the Savior? Why is this so hard?' Now this isn't Church Doctrine per say, but I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because SALVATION WAS NOT A CHEAP EXPERIENCE. Because Salvation Was Never easy! I am not trying to say that we should expect to suffer anything close to The Savior. That would be presumptuous and quite frankly sacrilegious. But if we are to be followers of Christ we must understand that we need to be prepared to suffer on our little mini-version of the path that He walked..." You can do me no greater honor than continuing to follow the example of the Savior. I Love You all so much. If you ever want to feel like I'm near, follow His path. I am not trying to sound as Elder Holland said presumptuous or sacrilegious, but if we all follow the path of The Savior, we'll be walking together.

Also, if you have time listen to "Sunday Will Come" by Elder Wirthlin. It changed my life. Perseverar até O Fim! (Persevere until the End).

Te Amo, Para Sempre, (I love you, Forever)

Elder Weaver

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