Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Week Was Transfers and All Is Staying Put

April 21, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was transfers. All of us are staying put! This will be my fourth transfer here. I look forward to serving with Elders M. Silva, Nielsen, and Eliseu. Elder Nielsen has helped me a lot and we have become good friends. The area has a lot of work to do. We will clean up the Area Book this week. Michele and her family have a lot of potential right now. Rafael also loved the plan of Salvation and we'll teach him the message of the Restoration today. Elido still has fear but his big brother Luciano is helping him. Elder Johnson finishes his mission today. He was a great help to me as well. We will be getting new Zone Leaders and I will be sure to ask them about Google Hangout for Mother's Day.

The Lord helped me learn something this week. Just because I am here in Brazil, that does not mean I have to stop loving Kansas. I had learned to love the people there. And that perhaps is one reason why I was meant to come here. Because the Lord knew there was more room in my heart for the people here. I finally figured out now why The Doctor has two hearts. I promise. I will serve the people and love them every day I am here. I will work for them. And, hopefully, somewhere along the way their behavior will begin to make more sense to me. The Lord suffered not only for our sins and weaknesses, but also for our difficulties and for our personalities. He makes up for every flaw I have. And through Him, I can be made whole, meaningful again, and become my best. I came to Brazil to learn to trust in myself and in the Lord on a level that I have never yet experienced.

I am grateful to hear about Cathy. Keep it up! The gospel sounds much more convincing when it comes from a true friend. I am glad to hear you had a good Easter! I enjoyed the package and I loved everything. Easter here is celebrated starting on the Friday and continues till Sunday. And some stores may still be closed today. It's nice to live in a society that still somewhat recognizes The Lord's Day. The Catholic Church has influenced the culture a lot, but surprisingly, not many people are Catholics. Brasil is a lot like the US. The evangelical Baptist and other churches are more prevalent than Catholicism.

Did you know there are more verses to the hymn Love At Home? Next week I will write them all down for you. This song has become my favorite. I want to only let the language of love be spoken at my home. This language, I have learned transcends all English or Portuguese that we can muster.

You, my family, will always be engraved on the Title of Liberty of my heart. My patriarchal blessing says that I will be saved from the ravages of war. But for all other battles of the heart, mind, and soul, you will take part in the reason I still fight. Like Brother Brems I echo the words, "My Heavenly Father, has been SO good to me."

The Stronger The Wind, The Stronger The Trees.

Love, Your Son,
True and Faithful,

√Člder Austin Earl Weaver

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