Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Remembering Memorial Day!

May 26, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Yay! I am glad to remember them, too. Oh. My son was supposed to send my blue sandals...just forget about it if you don't get them. They should be in one of the boxes I sent home. Thank you for everything.

That's great you're learning Spanish! You can speak with Elder Cervantes and Elder Quiroz when they come to visit me! I will probably be able to understand everything, I just won't be able to respond.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Go, Team Allison! I can so picture her doing that!!! Haha. Oh, that's rich! Those suckers in the salon didn't even see it coming!
Toma! Receba, Irmã Allison!

I am glad to hear about the new families and also new callings. I am also thrilled to hear about Jessica Pukahi serving a mission. She will bring the world His truth! :)

So, this week was transfers...and shocker...no one in our District was transferred! I thought for sure half of the District would be. Elder Rodrigues said that only 3 people in the Vitória (ours) Zone were transferred! Vitória is the largest zone in the mission, too! This will be my 5th transfer in this area. The stories being spun about me are legendary. People refer to me as this old Bilbo Baggins sage guy because I've been in the same area for about 6 months now. Haha! I still don't know my way around, but it's getting better. I Love my companion so much and I am so glad that our house family is staying the same. This would probably be a lot harder if they weren't here.

We found a sweet family yesterday consisting of a Mom, Dad, 2 girls and a boy. Just like us. :) I hope to baptize the heck out of them. They live with a bunch of others, too!


Elder Weaver

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