Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You Are Doing A Great Work

May 19, 2014

Presidents Weekly Letter

Essa semana nós tivemos Geo, a mãe dele, e Clayton na Igreja. Vamos fazer nosso melhor para batizar eles essa última semana da transferência. Também vamos convidar Cicero, Ubiratan, e Andréia para  a Igreja.
Also, Elders Nielsen and Eliseu had a sweet baptism this Saturday, Arací. An older lady. They have been working with her for about 3 months now.

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This week we had Geo, his mother, and Clayton at church. We will do our best to baptize them this last week of the transfer. We will also invite Cicero, Ubiratan, Andreia to church.  Also, Elders Nielsen and Eliseu had a sweet baptism this past Saturday, Arací, an older lady. They have been working with her for about 3 months now.

Elder Weaver

Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you for thinking of me. :) I Love All Of You! You are doing a great work with your young women. I read something interesting in my personal study today in the Ensign (one that you gave me ;)). President Brigham Young said something to the effect that his biggest fear for the saints was their own pride. He said how they would withstand persecution, trial, and poverty, but he was worried if they could stand wealth. Meaning if they would remember the Lord when they didn't HAVE to or weren't, brought to remember Him through Adversity. It is right for you to teach them these things...especially when they are young. Before they HAVE to learn these things. Accountability doesn't go away with the ages. And the older you get the more responsibility you are blessed with. One day, if not one day soon, they will remember your example. One of the greatest forms of integrity is when you can be accountable to yourself. Brother Rosemore from the MTC once said something I will never forget. He said something to the effect of, "I imagine that God doesn't have anyone telling Him what to do. He just knows the laws by which He must abide, and He abides by them." It is a simple doctrine, and yet profound.

That is right. I had to climb many mountains before I could arrive in the lowlands of Kansas. And hills were also preparatory to the shores of Vitória.

Yes! Thanks for reminding me. If it is not too much trouble please send:
  1. My blue sandals from Kansas (I believe my son sent them home to you? I sure hope so.)
  2. Cinnamon Bears
  3. Mint Oreos
  4. North Face Rain Jacket (unless Dad felt another would be better)
  5.  Don't feel like you need to get one, but if you send another belt please send the clicky kind you got for me from CTR clothing :)

 Thanks so much!!!

I've been trying to focus more on the Atonement and the Sacrament each week, too. The Church is still true here, but...hahaha it's very different. It's nice to have one meeting a week be filled with reverence isn't it? Sometimes we don't appreciate it. I Love the Hymns. They help me centralize my thoughts.

With Love,

From the Hundred Acre Woods,
Winnie The Pooh
And Tigger, Too!

Elder Weaver :)

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