Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We Had A Sweet Opportunity To Hear From Apostles Yesterday!

June 9, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Presidents Report

Nós tivemos Sarah, Cleyton, e Samuel na Igreja! Eles gostaram, particularmente o discurso de Élder Richard G. Scott sobre a oração. Agora Cleyton e Samuel têm uma data pelo batismo por este Sábado. E vamos convidar Sarah hoje se ela estiver em casa. 

(Google Translation)

We had Sarah, Cleyton, and Samuel Church! They liked it, particularly the speech of Elder Richard G. Scott of prayer. Now Cleyton and Samuel have a date for the baptism by this Saturday. And today we'll invite Sarah if she is at home.

We had a sweet opportunity to hear from Apostles yesterday! 71 Stakes in the Rio and São Paulo areas received a transmission from Salt Lake where we heard Elder Claudio Costa (and some other whose name I can't pronounce) from the 70. Elder Soares, also of Brasil and the Presidency of the Seventy spoke. Carole M. Stephens gave a talk there as well. Elder Richard G. Scott gave his talk in Portuguese!!! It was way sweet, he pronounced some things with a hispanic accent, but for the most part you could understand him. After Elder Scott, Elder M. Russell Ballard spoke to us (his talk was interpreted). It was great to hear from all of them.

Yeah that's the closest one, but we've been having more people show up which is a blessing! Hahaha, if you can you should send me Dad's picture. That sounds pretty sweet! Sister Harris, my 80-year-old investigator from Kansas sent me a sweet card the other day. I'll have to send it to you to read. (But warning she writes very...much like me). Yes! I hear from Jake all of the time. I'll have to send you one of his emails it was hilarious as you can imagine. 

Yeah...Weaver Movie Marathons FOR DAYSSS!!!!!

What I was told by President Bell in Kansas was that after 6 months you could choose to stay in the US or go to Brasil if your Visa ever did arrive. I don't know if you can be "re-assigned" to another mission in the US or not. I suppose it's possible, but my friend Sister McDaniel chose to stay in the US and eventually her Visa did arrive, but she had received a spiritual confirmation that her mission was Kansas now, so she stayed there.

Yeah, she'll come around. And I'll certainly pray for her. You can say Hi to the Elders there for me too if you like! :)

When I read that vile name of the educational establishment, I was hoping to discover that you would report on the school burning down or something...but I suppose a new principal is the next best thing, if it must still exist for a little while longer until the Lord claims this Earth in his glory and casts down everything unclean, impure, and unholy under which category that place will certainly find itself.

Way to go Daniel!

I heard about that book, our Zone Leaders in Kansas were approved to read it. I heard it's way sweet! It's by Elder Christiansen, right?!

Thank You For Your Thoughts. Pray for your Marius.....I mean Elder Weaver....(sorry, my District Leader and I have been singing Les Mis lately), He Prays for You.

World Cup is going to be totes cray this week. President has mandated that we all stay inside during the days that Brasil will play...as in ALL day. But he approved missionaries to watch it if they stay inside...a member brought us a TV because they thought it was that important...hahahahaha. Brasil is addicted to soccer.


Elder Weaver

MOM...if I can't email on Monday it will be because of the World Cup. But I want to wish You THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! You deserve it. And I'm sorry I don't have more to give you, but I promise I will live worthy to be called your missionary son! :)

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