Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Letter To Mission President
Essa semana a gente foi protegido muito do mão do senhor. Membros e missionários na aula Cariacica trabalhavam juntos para ensinar nossa pesquisadora Brenda. Temos a meta de batizar ela depois a Igreja no Domingo que vem. Eu estou muito feliz pelo batismo de Pedro e Gisele dia 4 de Dezembro! Eu nunca tinha um pesquisador que marcou o próprio reunião batismal deles! Eles são bem especiais. E eu estou feliz a ver Élder Ferreira de novo. Washington e Damiana foram na Igreja também e vamos marcar uma data por eles essa semana!

Google Translation
This week we were protected much of the Lord's hand. Members and missionaries in Cariacica class worked together to teach our researcher Brenda. We have the goal of baptizing her after church on Sunday next. I'm very happy for the baptism of Peter and Gisele December 4! I never had a researcher who scored the own baptismal theme! They are very special. And I'm happy to see Elder Ferreira again. Washington and Damiana were also in the Church and we set a date for them this week!

His new companions name is Elder Barros (Bah-Hooz).  

Acassio! He is stellar! We had a good meeting with him and Bishop yesterday. He knows what it's like to serve a mission and so he knows how to meet our needs in coordination with the ward. He's like me; he talks like an old man sometimes. His wife is really nice too. She calls herself my "black mom" hahaha.

It's funny you should mention that. We have new pass-along cards that say, "He is the Present" with a picture of The Savior. And Elder Bessa goes up to people and says, "Hey have you received a present yet today? No, well here's one just for you..."

Our Sacrament meeting was good too. Washington showed up at the last second even though he was really tired. It was nice to get to partake of the Sacrament this week.
Oh, Mother. Thank you for your kind words. I too, am touched by the story of the Brother of Jared. The Lord could have made any way for them to get to the Promised Land, He could have invented an airplane, He could have parted the ocean, but He chose to send them through a stormy sea with light in their barges and all this to test their faith.  "Off to the rescue we'll hasten..."

I received your package! Thank you so much! The Mint Oreos are already gone ;) The gummy bears and cinnamon bears are still there, but not for long. I LOVE the CD from Vocal Point. They added another verse to "Danny Boy" that is not included in the original. It is way good. I appreciate all you do to support the Lord’s work and me. Sometimes I wish I knew just how to show my gratitude.

The Ensigns have also been a great source of study and spiritual nourishment.  Sadly, I need to go, but may His Spirit be with and bless you this week, and forever.


Élder Weaver

And thank you so much for the package!!!
These should be some familiar faces!
My friends from Colatina.
Elder Branco is still my Zone Leader
and I see him almost every day!
And Sister Benítez is training now as well!    

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