Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My New Companion Is Great! I'm Training Again.

November 17, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Muito Obrigado por sua ajuda e confiança em mim! Élder Barros é um ótimo missionário e ele está ajustando bem para a vida missionária. Ele ensina bem e com O Espírito Santo. Ele aplica muitos dos princípios que ele aprendeu no CTM.
Nós estamos ensinando Brenda e espero marcar a data do batismo dela por dia 29 de Novembro. Nós vamos achar e ensinar muitos novos pessoas esses dias.

Google Translation
Thank you very much for your help and trust in me! Elder Barros is a great missionary and he is adjusting well to the missionary life. He teaches well and with the Holy Spirit. He applies many of the principles he learned at the MTC.  We're teaching Brenda and hopefully mark the date of her baptism on 29 November. We'll find and teach many young people these days.

My new companion is great! He is from Recife. And he's brand new. I'm training again. We'll see if I get to stick with this one for the full 2 transfers or not! Hahaha. Elder Johnson taught me a lot, even if it was just one transfer that I trained him. Elder Ferreira went to Colatina, my last area and I know he'll like it there. Don't forget to let me tell you about Colatina.

I think I've mentioned this before, but I really Love our Ward Mission Leader, Acassio. He is THE MAN. Ward Council was good yesterday, many new leadership callings were extended and Bishop is way animated.

REALLY?!?!?!, now the wait. OH BYU I LOVE YOU! I really hope I get in! :)

Thank you for all of your HELP :) and for giving birth to me and raising me.
I'm glad you guys got to reunite in the 'Zona! Aunt Sandi always sends me the funniest cards and pictures! I Love her. She needs to meet my old investigator, Sister Harris. They are a lot alike! She calls herself "a nut".

I hope you get the work you are looking for. It's funny you should use that word, because I was reading in Alma 12 today about how our life is a probationary period. Hang in there, it'll all work out.

I can't wait to spend an Oregon Winter with all of you.  I am so glad we have a temple so close to us. The people here have to travel about 12 hours or more to São Paulo in order to reach the Temple in Campina. It's a beautiful structure. I'll go inside someday.

If you ever get a chance to watch the Church video "Between Heaven And Earth" you should! Sister Romney talks about how the temple is like our light in the neighborhood! My planner has the Kansas City Missouri Temple as a cover!

We had a chance to hear from a Seventy, Elder Mazzagardi. He shared his conversion story with us. He also told us how the Lord doesn't just forgive our sins, but He actually has the power to take the sin from us and He puts its weight upon Himself because of His marvelous forgiveness and Love for us.

Thank You for your thoughts from our Beloved President Uchtdorf who onetime said he was afraid to speak English, but is now blessing the lives of millions the world over in his effort to share his testimony. He is a good example of not being afraid to share light.

I have been thinking a lot about y'all.

Every step we conquering go.

Rest on. You deserve it. And send my Love to as much as you can.

One Day It Will All Come Together,


Élder Weaver

D&C 130:2

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