Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Was Very Happy To Have New People In Church This Week!

November 10, 2014

Dear Família & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Nossa semana! Eu fui muito feliz para ter novas pessoas na Igreja. Conseguimos marcar datas com duas delas (Com Brenda e Willian) por esse Domingo. Vamos tentar marcar com os outros essa semana. Também eu sou feliz para ouvir de Élder Mazzagardi. Eu sou muito animado por essa nova transferência! Eu amo minha Cariacica.

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Our week! I was very happy to have new people in the church. I managed to score dates with two of them (Brenda and William) for that Sunday. Let's try to score with others this week. I am also happy to hear from Elder Mazzagardi. I am very excited by this new transfer! I love my Cariacica.

Bahahahaha! Cute picture! I Love it!

Well transfers have rolled around again, and I'm staying! My good companion, Elder Ferreira will be transferred. I Love Him.

That's sweet Elder Andersen came to Stake Conference! He came in person or it was a transmission?

Haha. That's a funny story. Yeah, I heard the Temple in São Paulo was the first one in South America.

It is wonderful. When we get the chance to baptize unto repentance. Once they have developed faith and repented, nothing impedes them to enter in by the gate. That was a neat baptism because the daughter asked to go first and then she waited on the steps and watched as her mom was baptized as well.

I do Love the people I teach. They are each different. And have unique life experiences.

Yeah, it's easy to feel lonely sometimes. I just remember that I have thousands of other missionaries around me serving our tiny world. And there are perhaps even more Missionary Moms who lend support to each other and those around them. I hope this experience will bring us closer to our Father in Heaven.

That sounds like it was a special meeting. We thank the Lord for a prophet. I am glad they worry about even us in little old Oregon.

And that is good news to hear about Emma and the other missionary returned from Slovakia.

I only had a few moments to speak with President Wilder. But of those few, I could see that he is a man of God. I am glad the Lord has put shepherds over us to watch and remind us of the only true way to the Father, even the Son, Jesus The Christ.

Your thoughts remind me of a hymn I came to Love in Kansas. It rests in our hymnal under the appellation, "We Are Sowing". It was sung at a Stake Conference there. This song holds both literal and spiritual application for those who live there.

I was also pleased to see that the Church will participate in a religious gathering at The Vatican to speak out on the importance of marriage and The Family.

I Love that part of Alma!!! The scriptures lift us up from the blues. I Love how President Packer once spoke on how sometimes it doesn't always matter what we study just that we study. For instance, said he, just open The Book of Mormon and start to read! You will feel the Spirit in your life.

Yay! Angels & Airwaves!!! :) I have some new music I picked up on my mission to show you guys too! There's a church band called "The Lower Lights" that do renditions of hymns! It's wayyy groovy. They got their name from the song, "Brightly Beams Our Father's Mercy"..."...let the Lower Lights be burning...send a gleam across the wave..."

I Luv You more than Butterscotch Loves to drool! Send that widdle guy my wuv pweeez!

I'm sorry this is short, I will have to make a trip to Vitória to get some things ready for transfers, but know that I Love You All!

From Brazil With Love,

Élder Weaver

P.S. My Testimony Experience This Week

So, I had a neat experience this week. I was teaching a lady who did not believe that Jesus Christ was resurrected, or at least not in the traditional sense. She had been taught that His Spirit went through a "change" but not that he re-entered His mortal body to a glorified, perfected state. Imagine trying to teach this in Portuguese. I was not there in the tomb. I have not thrusted my hands into His side or over His hands and feet as Thomas did, but I know that He was Resurrected. I gained a stronger testimony through teaching this woman. I KNOW. "For a spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have" (Luke 24:39) were His own words. But I know simply because The Spirit made it known unto me. As was told to Peter, Flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto me but my Father who is in Heaven. (See Matthew 16:16-17) I Love each of you, and I just felt I needed to bear testimony of this particular doctrine.

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