Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It Was A Miracle To Baptize Robson

March 30, 2015

Dear Family & Friends,

Mission President Letter
Foi um milagre batizar Robson. Ele tem esquizofrenia e outras problemas mentais, mas ele seguiu o exemplo de Jesus Cristo. Ele tem dificuldades na vida dele mas o batismo vai continuar ajudar ele bastante. A gente vai continuar trabalhar com novos pessoas para trazer eles às águas do batismo.

Google Translation
It was a miracle to baptize Robson. He has schizophrenia and other mental problems, but he followed the example of Jesus Christ. He has difficulties in his life but baptism will continue to help him enough. We will continue to work with new people to bring them to the waters of baptism.

DUUDES! Yeah, chocolate here is half off! Holla! Also, there is a brand called "Cacau Show" here it is sooooooooo gooooood. I'll try and bring some home! It says there's alcohol in it, which might be why it is so gooooood????????? But my ward mission leader says it's not against the word of wisdom, I guess......??? Maybe it's just like the alcohol that's in vanilla or something....??? Hahahahaha!

Thanks for all of that stuff! Maybe Jury Duty will help me decide if I want to be a lawyer or not??  Also, thanks for doing that BYU-I stuff.  Also, could you do me a favor? A few emails ago, I think you said I could also apply for summer term at BYU Provo. Could you try and do that for me?? I don't know if it's still possible. But I would like it if you could look into that option for me!! THANK YOU!!! :) !!!!!

Sure I'll send pictures. Ummm whitey companion?? You mean Americans? Yes, the only time was with Elder Reinhardt, but Elder Branco (as his name suggests) and Elder Couto are both pretty white, but Brazilian. Guys I have to say...it's really weird. I like speaking Portuguese and stuff now.

Yes this is exactly what I needed!!! Thanks. The fan chart helps. But I mostly needed it updated on FamilySearch because I have access to it here. I'll show you my "Minha Família" pamphlet when I get home, it's pretty sweet!!

I am so glad Allison loves her job. Working taught me to Love other people. I loved my job at the hospital. At the time I might have thought it was hard but looking back, it was wonderful. I am glad Allison get's to do something she is really good at.

I hope the Prophets get better. I am excited for my last Conference in Brasil. It is touching, but I am going to General Conference with some specific questions in mind, that I hope to receive answers to.

I wish Bishop luck, and I accept! However, I probably won't remember how to drive when I get home...it's been so long, haha. Dad will have to give me another crash course.

I love Bishop and sustain him. I wear my blue tie he gave me whenever I am missing him or home or Oregon. He taught me a lot during our little time together. I am glad DAD and brother Kahn gets to be part of the Creekside Ward.

Guys, I saw something really sweet here in the Turf Ward the other day. They gave training on Home and Visiting teaching, but they gave it in the form of a skit. It was so well done. They showed members acting out what church is actually like sometimes and showed ways we can improve. They showed a class being taught on how we need to make our visits and it showed two people texting and taking selfies during the lesson. Then afterward they showed how it should actually be. It was really well-done and to the point. They also sang a few hymns. I'm not saying you guys have to do this, but I think it would make for a great Ward Activity. I would call it, "Have I Done Any Good In My Ward Today?" Someone in Kansas told me that. She talked about that hymn and how in order to change the world we have to do some good right at home first. It was really special! :)


I gave a talk this last Sunday. I talked about who I was before the mission, and how I have completely changed. I used to prefer to hang out with friends on Friday nights, but now, the only people I think about other than my investigators and members here are the members of my family. When I think about my life, I think about them. When I think about the temple, and heaven, and eternity, I think about my family.

Thank YOU for putting things into focus.

Let me serve you,

Élder Weaver

Elder Borros, Elder Nascimento
 and Elder Weaver

Elder Borros, Elder Weaver,
Elder ?, and the Legend 

The Amazing Elder Weaver

The Internet Cafe

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