Monday, April 20, 2015

The Last Email Before I Come Home!

April 20, 2015

I'm packing my bags and
getting ready to handcart it home.

 To The Best Family In The Universe,

Well, this will probably the last email before...DUN DUN DUNNN! My funeral! Hahahaha, as it is called.

I liked all of those adjectives, Mom. I'm not gonna lie I am pretty joyful, too! "I'm just jazzed about being on the show, man!"

Heavenly Father has been so good to me.

Today, on my last P-Day, my companion and I will go shopping. Probably Elder Knudson and I as well. (We live in the same house). Yeah, I can look up those items for you. Yes, I've had just about all of them! :) Tell Brother Jenkins that they recently released a "Guaraná Black" that's infused with açaí! It's dang good, not gonna lie.

Thanks! I'll use that to prepare for my talk.

Hahahaha! Yeah, I'll show you the shoes when I get home. But the shirts I'll probably leave there. My suit has lasted because, well, I haven't used it that much.

Thanks for sending that talk. I read part of it at Flavia's house after we ate lunch.

I'll share more when I get home, but just to give you a taste, here are some things I learned on my mission:
Truth coming out of the Earth.
We must do the will of the Lord.
We must never seek the honors of men.
Charity NEVER faileth.
Sometimes it's okay to not be perfect.
Trees From Troy,
Talent from Boney,
Alvin's dog with the mixed eyes.
Gabby's faith.
Trainings from Elder Holbrook.
Laughs with Elder Chun.
Sister McKay inviting Sister Harris to be baptized.
Bleeding knuckles, so I decided to start knocking doors with a golf ball. 
Drives with Bishop.
Lessons from President Bell.
Even after all this time, I reflect on Kansas.
Growth amidst the storm.
President Steveson once told me, "The Lord isn't as concerned about your geography as He is about the direction in which you are heading."
That was something that kept popping up throughout my mission.
And from President Wilder, "Your mission is not about you, but a part of it is determined by your unique influence. 
Don't forget to be Austin as well as Élder Weaver."
Jarbes and his attentive questions during the lessons.
The kids, just like ours,
2 girls and one boy,
and later the parents were baptized, too.
And He received the Melchizedek Priesthood.
I am not bragging, I am just so glad that the Lord saw fit to include me in this process.
Imperfect as I am,
like Dad letting me hold the flashlight as he did the heavy lifting,
Heavenly Father let me "hold the flashlight" so to speak,
as I served His children,
and He did the heavy lifting.
Or perhaps going to Vitória with Elder R. Silva and the good feeling we got after.
Then there was also Joaquim.
Elder Sewell and his timeless advice.
Hugs from tall Elder Stilson.
Guys, of all these things that have happened,
I feel perhaps the most changed by my mission.

Here, pretty soon I'll be "On My Way Back Home" I'll grab the first plane home (Imogen Heap reference). 'Cause I'm leaving...LEAVIN'! Onna Midnight Plane To Georgia! Hahahahaha!

I feel like David Tennant when he morphed into Matt Smith going from Doctor 10 to 11, "I DON'T WANT TO GO!" Well, I do want to see you all, very much. But, eu sei que a saudade vai bater forte.

I Love You More than Mint Oreos, I Love You More Than The Doctor Loves The Tardis, and I Love You More Than I Love Legos.

"And of all these things I've done, I will Love You better now!" "Lego House" by Ed Sheeran

And I will Love My Heavenly Father better now!

When Adventure's Lost Its Meaning...I'll Be Homeward Bound In Time.
(The Mormon Tabernacle Choir)


Your Son, Brother, Nephew, Cousin, Trustworthy Servant and Faithful Friend,

Élder Weaver

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