Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Letter Written Home May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013

Dear Family & Friends (Especially Mom)

"Tudo bem?!"

Day One at MTC:  Check!  Aaron, Trish and Melissa got me from the airport and everything went smooth.  Aunt Anette, Uncle Ron, Jessica and Jeremy wanted to eat lunch with us so we ate at the BYU Commons.  When we got there, Grandma and Grandpa surprised us!  We ate lunch with them, and yes, we took lots of pictures.  

Thank you for the kind letters, I love them all so much.  I got to the MTC and really felt the spirit as the van rolled up to the curb.  Nice people greeted us.  Everyone said, "We love Elder Weaver"!  Like a thousand times which made me feel really good.  Immediately after getting a name tag I took a quick survey and was sent to a classroom to learn Portuguese.  My teacher is Brother Irmigo Rosewood and he is way cool!  Even though it's only the first day I feel like I have learned a lot.  My companions name is Elder Cervontes.  He is from California and he is super humble.  I think I'll learn a lot from him.  Also, I saw Elder Devin Crump and sat with hime during some teaching exerciser.  Right now my companion and I share a room with another companionship Elders McMaster and Wilson.  They are very focused and I think our dorm will almost become a secondary companions to my primary one.  The reason I want to write a letter first is our P-Day (Friday) probably won't happen this week, so I want to make sure you don't worry about me.  Our Zone Leaders gave us some advice to handwrite our first letters.  I may be able to start email with a few (1-2) weeks or so.

Ready the Book of Mormon.  Invite! Invite! Invite!


Elder Weaver

First Hand Written Letter

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