Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Certainly Know How It Feels To Be Isolated, From Friends and Family!

June 11, 2013

Hello Austin….

This is your Uncle Stan, I certainly know how it feels to be isolated, from friends and family!!  Let our savior wrap his arms around you, feel his love and peace!  We have no better fulfillment in our lives then to trust in him with all we do.  Sometime’s easier said than done, late at night when you are in bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about the one’s you love.  Keep your eyes focused and your mind clear, as you humble yourself before Christ and his command of the great commission. 

As you may not know, I spent a lot of time in South America, back in the corporate days, growing the company.  It is such a beautiful loving culture, learn from them, as you teach, and have them learn from you.  Keep your heart available, as people respond to a pure heart.  Of all things in scripture of who and what God is, we know the most talked about is God’s love…….. He sent us a savior, that we can find hope, and trust in all things!!

I know you were sent to be a servant, a mouth piece, and a refuge to the people in South America.

Your family loves you, I love you, and your Father in heaven loves you, for your dedication to a larger cause, and rising above self, to be a true servant of your Father in Heaven!

God, bless you!

“Uncle Stan”

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