Monday, January 27, 2014

Bravo Elder!

Dear Family & Friends

Sorry, but my emails will probably be getting progressively shorter. I am blessed with 1 hour to email in this mission. I did get Ashley's email, thank you! I hope her flights arrive on time and safe.

So, I had an interesting experience yesterday, I don't feel comfortable sharing it over email because it will take forever to explain, but let's just say my testimony of Jesus Christ and His Restored Gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith were strengthened yesterday. Thank you for your comments. I have not heard that quote before I don't think, but I shall always remember it. I think that's great Y'all (Yes, Y'all, I left my heart in Kansas) are working on member missionary efforts! My one big suggestion to all of you is to USE ROLE-PLAYS. It might seem like the goofiest thing, but some of my most revelatory experiences as a missionary for investigators take place during role-plays. Whether in the MTC, in the field, or in the Wards I have served. They always help. Pretend you are you and someone else pretends they are your friend, co-worker, or other investigator. As you practice what to say, The Spirit tells you what those people need. It's incredible. I never understood how awesome role-plays were before my mission! Use them! And if you need help to know how, check out The District 1 and 2 on The Preach My Gospel DVDs.

I got your package!!! Thank You so much. Everyone asked if my Mom was Catholic, haha. Thanks for making sure the box was protected. You can use pictures of the Savior, too if you want. I think the people here will fear those same as Mary. I shared the goodies with my roommates. The Mint Oreos didn't last long ;). I feel bad it is so expensive. I don't want you to feel like you HAVE to send me things. It is always nice when I get things from y'all, but I know it is a sacrifice. That being said, I don't want you to feel like you have to send me another one right away, but sometime during the mission it would be great if you could send the following, but only if you were already planning on sending me another one, don't worry about it if not:  Contact Solution (it's way expensive for some reason here)  Empty Flash Drives, for pictures, church music and videos when my camera runs out of room.  A mattress cover, if you have an extra one at the house don't feel like you need to buy one. Q-Tips, Ensigns and Church News are always great! Thanks for sending those to me.  And if it's not too much trouble, I will always eat Mint Oreos :)

The Jewish Chocolates were great, too. Haha, I'm going to show my companion later how to make his Hot Chocolate you sent him. News!: Transfers are tomorrow. Elders Araujo and Hansen are getting transferred. But get this! I'm staying put and Elder Williams (John's friend and my zone leader) and Elder Johnson, my other hilarious zone leader, are staying put so I get to be in their zone for Elder William's final transfer. He asked me if Oregon is cold right now and if he should prepare for cold when he returns in March. Also, Elder Quiroz, one of the APs extended and I get the honor of serving with him until April! He is so great. Don't let me forget to tell you about him on Mother's Day. I've got stories for you.

Thank You for all You do! Fique Firme e Fiel!  D&C 130:2

Love, Sempre,

Elder Weaver

PS: FYI...YEAH he got his Christmas package finally, now waiting to see if he gets his birthday package anytime soon!

That is açai ice-cream, by the way, way good!

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