Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy April!

March 31, 2014

Dear Family & Friends,

News from the Land of Oz (get it? because I'm not in Kansas anymore, and there are flying monkeys here:)):

Luciano Baptism March 29, 2014
Luciano was baptized!!! He is one of the coolest people. He reminds me a lot of Troy from Kansas. Luciano, after one Sunday in the church said, "I accept everything, and I want to be baptized." We didn't even have to invite him! He is going to help so many people! He proved to me that you can not judge anyone. The Savior never did.

Hahaha, yeah Disney movies :). I might buy one on the street to watch later. Even though I can I probably won't still. I don't know it feels weird, haha. You can buy movies for like 2 American bucks...but they're all pirated, black-market, and ghetto, but hey cheap is cheap. Yeah we are opposite, huh? But to be honest we don't really have seasons there's just hot and less hot. Yes, the members are awesome. This is like a coveted ward of the mission. Everyone wants to be here because the members feed you a bunch and the ward mission leader is good. Yesterday I ate too much actually, haha. Lunch is the big meal of the day, so we eat with members during lunch and proselyte from about 2 to 9 pm. They made us cake, too. It was way good. They had stroganoff, which is probably my favorite here in Brasil because it tastes different with rice and beans. The food isn't weird per say it's just different. They like weird combinations of things. Like fried bananas, avocados in smoothies, and they drink soda like it's going out of style. Like I'm pretty sure they drink more soda than actual water. Haha, I haven't eaten that many weird things, but I've had a chicken feet already.

I don't know, I think they like Come, Follow Me, but I still don't understand much, haha. P.S. Where Can I Turn For Peace is a great hymn.

That's great to hear about the DuFords. President Bell served in the Phillipines. President Araújo will leave I think in July. We just know President Young is subsequently all the Brazilians are freaking out saying we'll have more rules and baptize less, but we'll see I guess, haha. Not many people can say they've had 3 mission presidents, haha. I Love you all, and thank you for that quote.

If you find it's me you’re missing, if your hoping I'll return, to your thoughts I'll soon be listening, and in the road I'll stop and turn. Then the wind will set me racing, as my journey nears its end. And the path I'll be retracing, when I'm homeward bound again. Bind me not to the pasture; chain me not to the plough. Set me free to find my calling, and I'll return to you somehow.


Élder Weaver

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