Tuesday, July 1, 2014

So I Gave A Talk In Sacrament Meeting Yesterday

June 30, 2014

Re: How is the Craziness?

The Report to Mission President:

Skarlet was at Church! She loved all of the classes and she said she felt like they were just for her! Lorrainy helped a lot and my recent convert Wiliane also showed her around at church. We will try to baptize her this week while the transfer still lasts! We will work with the parents to get active again as well. President Young arrived this week. He is very humble everyone says. We will have a Zone Conference again tomorrow to meet him. Probably I will see Elders Cervantes, Bybee, Knudson, Capawana, and Pinagotte again!!!

Dear Family & Friends,

So, I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and everyone said they loved it which made me feel better because I was very nervous. Irmã Ilza, our landlady, said that my Mom would be so pleased with me! :) Isaaque told me that he cried. "I was balling, man!" He said. He's the Elders Quorum President. I've gotten really close with him. He served a mission in Provo and speaks English very well. Bishop Wesley also told me my talk was something the Ward should hear. This is all great news because I found out about my talk on Friday night! I think somebody fell through so they asked a missionary to help. But you and Dad have had to do that a lot, too! I'm just a chip off the old block, huh?! ;) Thank You for all of your preparation with me getting ready for my mission.

Raspberry picking!!! Yummmmm! :) I think the games go on until mid-July, but I'm not sure. Yay, Dad! I'm glad he gets to talk with a friend. If Dad doesn't want the stress of driving to Washington, may I suggest the train?! I Love how relaxing it is and it may be less than gas money, though I'm not sure. And he would get there in a prompt time.

Sounds fun! Yeah, I saw David Archuleta's deal on the Church's website.
Yes, I am glad that the Bible offers clear direction on Priesthood Ordinations. Wherein it states that no one "taketh this honor unto himself but He that is called of God as was Aaron." Sorry If I wrote it wrong because I'm translating it from Portuguese in my head. But the Priesthood cannot be sold or bought for money, but rather is a gift from God. And as Elder Neil L. Anderson in the October General Conference put it:
 "A man may open the drapes so the warm sunlight comes into the room, but the man does not own the sun or the light or the warmth it brings. The blessings of the priesthood are infinitely greater than the one who is asked to administer the gift."

Mother, Thank You for your thoughts. You are the family I do not deserve, but I need. I hope to Return With Honor. It is my greatest dream.  Both returning home from my 2-year mission, and also returning HOME to my Father in Heaven after my life's mission.

I Love You All,

Élder Weaver

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