Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This Week Was Way Cray!

July 7, 2014

The Mission President Report:

Esta semana Deborah (um recem-converso) trouxe o irmão dela (Douglass) para a Igreja! A namorada dele Tatiana estava lá também. Vamos focalizar em encontrar essa semana. Eu sou muito grato pelo tempo que eu podia servir aqui! Eu estou ansioso para trabalhar em minha nova área também!

(Google Translation)

This week Deborah (a new convert) brought her brother (Douglass) to the Church! His girlfriend Tatiana was there too. Let's focus on finding this week. I am very grateful for the time I could serve here! I'm looking forward to working in my new area too!

Dear Family & Friends,

This week was way cray! I bore my testimony at Church and cried a little bit. Irmão Umberto talked about how it doesn't always matter what I say because people here can understand what I mean by the way I talk. That made me feel really good. Irmão Isaaque also talked about missionaries in his testimony. He said whenever he is having a bad day, he always feels better by being around the missionaries.

And yes, I got a call last night that I will be transferred on Wednesday! I think I was the only one to get transferred from the District this transfer. I Love the Ala Jardim Limoeiro and I have truly grown and learned a lot here. But I am also excited for this new opportunity to serve the Lord.

I'm glad your fourth of July was great! Mine was...different, but great too. It was strange singing the Brasilian national anthem on the fourth of July, but I still Love where I came from. Yeah I think Brasil's Independence Day is the 7th of September or something like that.

Of course I will pray for Josh. Our family will grow stronger and closer because of his experiences.

Hahaha. Yeah, when I come home I'm pretty sure I'll feel like I'm in the future. There's a lot of technology here, but it's really expensive and not everyone has it. Most people have smart phones by LG but iPhones are very expensive here. A lot of technology is imported as well. But they have just about everything here; you just have to know where to find it.
YES! I'm excited to share in all of this with Dad and y'all!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Even though I wasn't an official set-apart full-time missionary at the time, I consider him one of my first investigators. I AM SO HAPPY FOR OLPHA! I remember when Elder Keller texted me that he got baptized. I cried. I didn't think I did much to help Olpha. I even wondered if he remembered me. Thank you and Brad for sharing that with me. No effort is ever wasted.

If you can make the trip to Utah, that would be way fun. I know we all thought of her going to Idaho, but it might not be a bad idea to present the idea of studying at BYU Provo to her. Her personality and talents may actually be better suited for that big place. I'm not sure. But I think it would be worth submitting to her.

HAHAHA! Classic Christopher! :) Seize the day, *you know what I'm sayin'*! That would be sweet! Because my son from Kansas grew up in Dallas, Oregon! His name is Charles Johnson. I don't know, but maybe this young lady knows him!

Grandpa would love that. Fishing is something I hope to get into when I get home. I Love OREGON! I hope you all know how much our move means to me.

I Love Alma 5 and 7! Last night at a Book of Mormon reading with some recent-converts we read Almas 23 and 24 about the Anti-Nephi-Lehis. They are heroes.

Thank you for everything!

This week we also had another Zone Conference and I got to meet President and Sister Young!!! She doesn't speak much Portuguese but her talk was so spiritual. And the President loves us. You can tell. He asked me a lot of questions about my family :) to which I happily replied. He told me his story was similar to mine. He did not get his Visa for São Paulo and served in California for about the same time as me, I think. I also got to see Elder Cervantes and my friends again. I even made some new ones.
Things will certainly improve.

I Love How The Lord Answers Our Prayers,

Your Son, and Fellow Servant,

Élder Weaver

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