Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Week Was Great In The New Area Of Colatina

July 21, 2014

Trust me, I'm an Elder
Letter To President

Esta semana foi ótima! Manoel foi confirmado! Encontramos Luana e ensinamos Jean.

(Google Translation)

This week was great! Manoel was confirmed! Luana find and teach Jean.
Me and Elder Branco
Dear Family & Friends,

I love my companion! Elder Branco is way funny! I'll send you some pictures. He cut my hair today. Haha. Yeah Colatina is more inland. I'd take more pictures but it's been cloudy so, I'll send y'all better ones when the sun is shining.

Sorry, It will be short today, I have a lot to do this P-Day, but I'm never too busy for all of YOU! :)

Yeah, that's funny that Chris is interested in going for someone younger than Allison and I, but hey, if it's meant to be nothing else matters. But make sure and do your research ;) it's the only Weaver thing to do.

I got a sweet letter from Aunt Debbie the other day, and I replied to it.

That's a bummer Dad's not feeling to good. I'll be sure to send some Love.

Thank you for the quote. It is especially apt as we sang, "More Holiness Give Me" in (Portuguese) during our companionship study. I'm not going to lie; it's really weird speaking another language.

I hope you all can tell how important you are to me. Nothing goes unnoticed to our Heavenly Father.


Me, Elder Weaver

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