Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Yes, I've Been Transferred After Only 6 Weeks!

August 18, 2014
Serving the world it's Truth
Mamãe, Family & Friends,

Mission President Report:
Essa semana nós contatamos algumas pessoas do Livro de Área que foram cortadas sem uma explicação. Nós encontramos algumas novas. E nós esperamos que nós podemos deixar Colatina melhor do que nós encontramos.

(Google Translation)
This week we contacted some people out of the Area Book that were cut without an explanation. We met some new ones. And we hope we can leave Colac better than we found it.
Sister Benitez, Sister Workman,
Elder Weaver, Elder Branco
Yes, I've been transferred! After only 6 weeks in Colatina. In fact the whole District was transferred. The Sisters were so thrilled about their baptism, Patricia! She was able to be confirmed on Sister Workman's last Sunday as a missionary which was way cool! Like any other investigators, the investigators of the Sisters can decide who will baptize. Patricia chose Elder Branco.
Elder Weaver & Elder Branco
I had a good visit with President and Sister Young they are very special people. Guys, everything will make sense when I relate in detail at home, but let me just say, I could not write a story as intricate as this! For now, know that Israel will shortly be free!

I am not surprised that Dad sacrificed His birthday for those he Loves. I am glad Cathy and Nani have a place of their own. Please tell them how thrilled I am to crash their new place! ;)

I hope you enjoy your new employment. They will appreciate your big smile and your care for others. I hope they understand how special you and Dad are.

Tell Sister Downey her Doctor attire is legendary! Thanks I won't forget Ashley's birthday. And no, I will send my email to President today about BYU.

Thank you, Mom, I love you too. I did get the video, Thanks! I hope Bishop enjoys the training. I enjoyed hearing Elder Scott speak Portuguese when we had a Broadcast to the Rio North Area. Please send everyone my love, I promise to write more next week. But now must be short because of transfers and everything, but I want you all to know that what I do, I do because I am trying to do what is right. "And of all these things I've done, I think I'll love you better now."

Let Your Light So SHINE, Love At Home,

Élder Weaver

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