Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saying Ola

October 21, 2013

Dear Family & Friends,

Eu Te Amo, Muito, Sempre! Thank you for your lovely email. I am glad to hear you got to have a ladies' day out and everything is going well! Family History is the best!

We found out recently in Zone Council meeting that in this mission they will be rotating Zones throughout the mission to attend The Temple! I hope I get to go before I head down to Brazil. If not, then it's all right because it will be the will of The Lord. Some missionaries may get to go multiple times (depending on where they serve and if they get transferred) and some may not go at all, but at least this way some missionaries get to go. The House of The Lord is a Heaven on Earth.

I am glad to hear that you are rising the youth in ways of righteousness. There are so many youth today who are missing that strength in their lives. Elder Evans and I got to speak on Sunday about gathering the lost sheep. The high councilman, Brother Barber, who is over missionary work, spoke as well. Elder Evans said that one day he will return and hopes to see the whole chapel full. I would like the Wellington ward to have that day come too. We learned so much this week, (See my letter to the mission president.)

That is so sweet you got to hear from that Brazilian missionary and that the Batemans get to see their son!

Awwwww, thanks, Mom :) My Boy, Owl City! Brother Barber quoted one of the Prophets I think in his talk he mentioned how this life is not the real world, but the Celestial Kingdom is the real world. I thought of the song "The Real World" by Owl City. I Love that scripture, and that song. Till he returns, or calls us home, here in the power of Christ we'll stand. I am reminded of Moroni 10:32-33.

I hope your week is as good as mine has been or even better. I Love you all so much! Please send my Love to the Family.

Tudo Bem,

Elder Weaver

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