Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Letter To President Bell

October 21, 2013

RE: Letter To President Bell

President Bell,

We had 2 investigators at CHURCH!!! This has not happened during my service in Wellington thus far. Needless to say we were so excited to see Lancy and Kyle at Church.

Also, our Zone Leader Elder Johnson challenged us to get 2 member present lessons by the end of the week and we got 3! Brother Durbin (a recent convert) helped us teach Katy the first half of lesson 2 along with keeping the Sabbath Day holy and the Word of Wisdom. She committed to live both. She is still on date for November 9th. We discovered that the reason she has not been able to attend church is she does not want to go without Alvin who has been working. Alvin also expressed to us that he has hypertension and gets nervous in front of large groups of people. We encouraged him to come and he could sit in the foyer if that helped and he could attend our Sunday School class we teach which usually has few members (also, telling him our Ward has few numbers anyway and is not a very large group of people seemed to reassure him).

Last night we had an excellent member-present lesson with Richard and Bonnie teaching them about eternal families. The Brundages agreed to come with us and testified about how being sealed in the Temple for all eternity has blessed their lives. Richard agreed to attend church with us this Sunday. He also said he read the Introduction and first 2 or so pages of The Book of Mormon. Both of those are things he has never done since I have been here in Wellington.

We also did some service this week, helping Sister Goodenough (an active member) move. Also we helped the Rossmillers (a less-active family) move their daughter into a new house. We also saw Lydia (a less-active member) who agreed to let us return for more service next week.

Elder Arend and I went on a companion exchange, which went fantastic. Paul (a potential who is nearly impossible to catch at home) let us in for a quick discussion and we prayed with him. Also, we got a return appointment from Jared (another potential).

Elder Evans and I went to Attica this week, which was a place neither of us had been. We met a man named Marvin who had been married to a member before she passed away; he said he loved Church services. He would like to return, but says he does not want to make the far drive to Wellington. We are working on that.

Overall we saw many tiny miracles in planning, finding, and teaching that would never have been possible without the Spirit of the Lord. This is truly His Work. I am so glad to be here.

Com Amor,

Elder Weaver

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