Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Have Not Heard Anything Regarding My VISA

Dear Family & Friends,

As far as clothes go, I think I'm fine. There's a thrift store in Wellington I can get another suit coat if I need it. Thank you though and I will let you know if things get cold. It just barely started cooling down. The weather has been 80-100 degrees every day until about the last few days. It feels nicer now that it is starting to cool down now.

I have not heard anything regarding my VISA. We shall see. That is right. I LOVED Conferencia Geral! I really loved when Elder Nelson said, "You never stop being a Child of God." These men are truly prophets of God. I can't believe today is President Monson's wedding anniversary. We didn't have a lot at the church, only 3 others. But hopefully some of our investigators watched it online! I also loved all of the talks (there were quite a few), which spoke on the separate, yet complementary, roles of men and women, and how EACH is vital to the other. Putting God FIRST was also another common theme that stood out to me. The best part of conference is not listening to it, but living it now that we have received it.

Also, this week, we went up to Wichita on Transfer Day because they wanted us to trade in our truck. We got a new 2014 Chevy Cruze, light gold. We named her Sadie :) I got to see Elder Holbrook and other missionaries again, which was nice. President Bell gave each of us a big hug, too.

Yes, there are so many missionaries out now! The emphasis on missionary work from this conference was awesome, too!

Yep, that's Elder Evans, ha ha. I'm glad the youth got to go to the Temple. They need to go as much as they possibly can. I Love how President Packer said that we wish the youth didn't have to grow up in a world like this, and yet he spoke of how optimistic and happy he is for the future. May we have such faith. I also, know what President Uchtdorf said is true. We must always doubt our doubts before we doubt our faith.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to study Jesus The Christ. I have truly drawn nearer to my Savior. I often wondered why He has so many names, and Elder Talmage talks about how each name the Savior is a title he has for his different roles. He has done so many different things for us. I know he Lives. I testify alongside the centurion when I say, "Truly this was the Son of God."

I Love each of you. May the Good Lord bless and keep you, that He may seal you forever His, and we may see each other and be together at that day is my humble prayer.

Te Amo,

Elder Tecelao (Weaver)

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