Wednesday, October 16, 2013

October 14, 2013 Hello Monday!

ALOHA Family & Friends,

I feel bad I missed Grandma and Grandpa's Birthdays! I am glad you got my letter though. I know your efforts to participate in Family History will be added to you and will not come out vain. When you go to the Temple it will be so neat to find family names to do work for.

I cannot believe we've hit the apex of October almost. The harvest is great and the laborers are few.

In one of the Stake Conferences I attended recently, the hymn "We Are
Sowing" was sung. It applied to Kansas and missionary work so well. The
Temple President and Matron for this Temple District (Oklahoma City) were at those meetings and President and Sister Bell as well. I know I've said this before, but I Love President Bell, he is a stud, a wizard, and a star fighter. He told me the other day, "I probably shouldn't have favorites, but you are one of my favorites,” that made me feel good.  He told me he would be sad when I left for Brazil. I hope I can be worthy of those compliments. Sister Bell likewise said how she knows that she is not our Mother, but that she appreciates that our parents let us be put on loan for them. No one could ever replace my parents, but I'm glad the Lord placed them in my path to guide me and Love me on my journey.

I'm also excited to hear you got to Return to Sun River. I think that would be a lovely spot for another reunion. Hope that is fun!

Jessica emailed me and told me all she has left is the Stake President's recommendation. Sounds like she is so ready to serve. I am glad each of members, full times, and us has taken on the name of Christ, and am set-apart from the world. Whether by full-time calling, or baptism, or both, we are committed to serve The Master.

I am fortunate to have begun my study of Jesus The Christ. I have learned so much just from the first 80 pages or so I have read. I am glad you found strength from the scriptures. I loved the article you sent me. I don't currently subscribe to Church News. They give us the Ensign, but you don't need to order that for me because we are approved to use on P-Day, which has articles from Church News in it. I appreciate it so much though.

Let me know what I can DO for You. I Love what was quoted in Conference about His yoke being easy, and His burden being light. We can truly learn of Him.

I am so grateful for your closing remarks; I will do my best to remain faithful. I send Love Your way and the families eternally. Keep up the stellar job!

Teu Filho,

Elder Weaver

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