Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elder Nash of the Seventy Meeting Was So Inspiring

November 11, 2013

Re: Basta dizer ola!

Dear Family & Friends,

That is so excellent to hear about Brother Sadler and Brother Kahn. I am sad to see Brother Sadler leave, but I know he's close by. Yes! Alex, I've been writing him. I hope to hear from him in Uruguay soon! Ha ha, yeah the plaque,...I don't care, as long as it's up there before I show up, I don't mind. Family night with Ryken sounds way fun. I am so pleased with Allison's decision to further her education. She will do so great. I will definitely remember Nani in my prayers.

Elder Nash's meeting was so inspiring. He is from Lynnwood, Washington actually. I got to shake his hand and talk with him briefly. He gave all of the Elders hugs :) and I took sooooo many notes. He did a lot of training on visits and following up. He and President Bell both stressed The Book of Mormon. They said it would not cut it to just know or believe The Book is true. We must have a deep and abiding testimony of its divinity. He exhorted us to study the "Questions of the Soul" section of Preach My Gospel, so a lot of my personal study time has been dedicated to that. You could tell he loves us. He said, "That's ridiculous! How can I Love you when all I did was shake your hand? But, when I met each of you I received bits of insight and revelation concerning each of you, and I love all of you!" It was an amazing meeting. He said when he starts a new assignment he used to wonder, "Can I love these people as much as the people in Lynnwood or some of my other assignments. But with each opportunity to serve he finds that he does develop that same love for each group of people he has been called to serve.

Today was a roller coaster. Elder Evans and I packed up and left. There were 3 other Visa waiters going to Brazil. I Love Elder Evans! I have learned so much from him. My goal before I go to Brazil is to be happy to serve there, but very very very sad to leave, so sad that I cry. I want to come to Love this area and these people to the point that it brings me to tears. And guess what? Because I would be companion-less for 2 days since transfers aren't until Wednesday, I am a temporary companion with Elder Holbrook. I pick up my new companion, Elder Johnson, on Wednesday, and guess what? I'm TRAINING!!! He's brand new. I am so excited and nervous but I hope to do the best I can. Elder Holbrook is going to another area this transfer, but for the next 2 days I'll be in Bel-Aire. I Love Wellington! I Love Being a Missionary! God Lives. I know Him. I am working on getting to know Him better.

That is excellent that Sister Sharon met Trevor. Elder Evans tells me so much about that guy.

I Love Y'all! Fique suave!

Com Amor no Lar,

Elder Weaver

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