Monday, November 4, 2013

Letter To The President

November 4, 2013

RE: Letter To The President

Presidente Bell,

Sheryl and Forrest came to Church! They stayed for the first two hours. Sheryl said the service was nice, but she felt that the meeting was not energetic enough for her. We are working to help her realize we do many fun things in the Church and more importantly the Spirit does not speak to us through booming speakers, but in a still, small voice. Forrest seemed to enjoy himself and they both participated in our Gospel Principles class we teach.

Elder Chun and I participated in a companionship exchange. With him, we followed up on Mario's resolve to quit smoking preparatory to his baptism. He said he's been smoking less and he even came up with the solution that from now on, whenever he gets the urge to smoke he is going to start doing push-ups!

During Halloween we had dinner with Sister Mock and attached pass-along cards to the candy she passed out. Our extended MML included watching most of the District 2, which seemed to motivate her and all of us in our missionary efforts.

We had an interesting experience this last night in Anthony. On our way to see Alvin and Katy, we both received the strong prompting that we needed to leave and return home to Argonia to finish our proselyting there. We do not really know why, but we followed the Spirit. We hope to see Lancy later tonight to re-teach him the missionary lessons (since it has been about 2 years since he has been taught most of the lessons) in preparation for his baptism on December 7th!

Our District also had a very inspired District meeting this week. I am so grateful for Elder Arend and the time he takes to spiritually prepare for training our District. Elder Evans and I are both excited for Zone Conference with Elder Nash this Wednesday and we are working on spiritually preparing for that event. Also, Elder Evans and I have been and will continue working hard to prepare for myself and the area for his departure to Brazil. It is so great to be a missionary in the great Kansas Wichita Mission!

Te Amo,

Elder Weaver

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