Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Mission President's Letter

November 11, 2013

RE: Weekly Mission President’s Letter

Presidente Bell!

It was great seeing you this morning. I hope Elder Evans got off well. This week has been tremendous. Much of our focus was placed on Less-Active members. We visited The Rossmillers who had a pretty terrible week, but they seemed to feel better after we shared Ether 6:5 and talked about overcoming the storms of life with them. We also visited Joey, who fell away from the church shortly after his youth years. We gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon to him since it had been so long since he's read it. We feel that he may be gay and asked the ward council to be sensitive as they visit Joey. We found much potential this week. On the downside, Jared dropped us because his mother said she did not approve of him meeting with us anymore. We told him to keep reading The Book of Mormon and call us if things change. I feel like the area is definitely being prepared for more work. A few people got dropped and others are coming out of the woodwork. Sheryl and Forrest did not come to church but we had a quick lesson with them. We are going to teach them in a member’s home for our next lesson so they can feel the Spirit and be less distracted than they would be in their own home. I am excited and nervous to train Elder Johnson. I am so grateful I get to spend 2 days in Bel-Aire with Elder Holbrook. I am so grateful Elder Evans and I were companions. He helped me become a better missionary. I am so glad to have met Elder Nash. I will reflect upon the notes I took from that meeting often. I am so glad to be here. Thank you for being so marvelous.

Te Amo,

Elder Weaver

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