Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Weekly Letter To President

November 25, 2013

RE: Weekly Letter To President:

President Bell,

It's great to be a missionary! One major highlight this week was Elder Johnson and I found Alvin and Katy. They were not in Anthony. I had a feeling they might have moved to Alvin's house in Bluff City because I knew he was working on it. We had no idea where he might be, but we prayed to be led to find him. It took us a while to find Bluff City in the first place (it's one of the smaller towns we cover). We started walking down the road on the way to a less-active member's house, on the way we saw an old building and Elder Johnson said, "I'll bet he lives there." We walk up, and I recognize Alvin's dog.  We knock on the door. No answer. "Alvin!" He comes to the door and then leaves. We get worried, but then he walks around the back of the house and says, "You found me!" We had a good visit with him and Katy was asleep, but we count it a miracle that we found them at all. Like Ether 6:4 says, we 'commended' ourselves to God and He took care of the rest.

We went over the first half of the baptismal interview questions with Lancy. He does not know if he is willing to live the Law of Chastity, but he still wants to be baptized. We hope to teach that Law more fully so the Spirit may prompt him that this is a commandment that will bless his life.

Elder Johnson is coming along in the 12-week program and will hopefully get his first lesson passed of with me this week.

One of our biggest focuses was finding this week. We met some new potential’s and weeded through the area book. We hope to visit more less-active members next week.

I Love being in Kansas and wherever the Lord wants me!

Thank You for all you do.


Elder Weaver

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